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Fake Klipsch Image S4?

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I've just bought a Klipsch Image S4 from a local website. Its box was sealed. When I opened it I found out that the Klipsch logo (the letters 's' and 'c') on one of the earphones has slightly faded. Also, they sound absolutely terrible - raucous and deficient. How can I be sure that they are not original?


Any suggestion or feedback will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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i dont think there many of fakes either in existence or circulating around of the klipsch s4

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Focalprice has them. The fake versions, that is.


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They're most likely fake. The sound is the biggest give away.The bass is muddy and somewhat overpowering. Mids/highs are generally unclear. The logo fades after limited use, and can easily be scratched rubbed off. It would be a good idea to take photos of them and even better if you have an original pair to compare them with. The local website that you ordered from may not be aware that they're selling the fakes, so you should contact them first. If they don't do anything about it, could potentially take legal action and contact Klipsch as the sale of counterfeit goods is prohibited in most countries around the world. If you paid through PayPal, you should open up a dispute, they have a policy that protects buyers from the unknowing purchase of counterfeit goods.


Additionally you should check the Klipsch website's list of authorised distributors/resellers. If the website isn't there, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are fake, as distributors sell to other retailers and will likely provide a list of companies/stores that they sell to.


Hope that helps.

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could be a refurb, but considering its a "local" site in turkey, i would genuinly consider them fakes.

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I just bought mine about a week ago off Amazon. I had the same problem within 10 minuets of opening. Im sending them back. 99.9% sure they are fake. Check this out...

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Just kind of a heads up on the wide availability of dubious provenance S4's

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I got mine from the apple store so I'm pretty sure mine are real. The logo wearing off and the slightly bigger hole in the 3.5mm jack where the cord comes out of makes me very suspicious.

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They were fake. I returned them and bought a new pair (new version - blue box) from BestBuy and the sound is night and day different. I've listened just a few songs yet I'm in love with them. Great IEM's for the price, just be cautious of the fake ones. Cheers.

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I realize this might be a bit off-topic, but I just wanted chime in and say I can't agree with you more about this. I recently purchased a pair of "refurbished" Monster Turbine Pro Coppers, from off of Amazon. As soon as I opened up the box, examined the earphones and took a listen, I knew something was definitely wrong, and I sent them back for refund. They sounded terrible, and one side (the right side) was actually way overemphasized, compared to the left-hand side earpiece (an issue I was not able to re-create using other IE's that I own).


But as far as your experience with the Klipsch, I totally agree with you here, as well. I too recently purchased these, and was blown away at the fantastic SQ right out of the box. I am still burning them in, however, and cannot wait to hear what they sound like when I am finished.

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Hi, all!

I just received a set of counterfeit Klipsch s4 headphones from an eBay reseller a few minutes ago. At $34 with shipping included, I figured the price was too good to be true. (I paid close to $100 for the s4i's that broke not too long ago.) 


These are a really good set of fakes. Apart from the material on the skin of the jack feeling a bit "off" from the s4i's I had, the v-shaped stopper and a case that wouldn't close right (dodgy), it is indistinguishable to my old pair. 


I emailed the seller to inform him/her of the situation. Hopefully, he/she will arrange for a refund; worst case, I'll get PayPal involved and burn a few weeks disputing it. I'm not too sussed about it, though; $35 isn't much of a loss (thank goodness) and the (extremely legitimate) s3's I bought from B&H a week ago sound just like the price of a pair of fakes!


There was one benefit to the fakes: they came with a better double-flange tip! Don't know what the difference is, but they fit better.

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I think the message here is that if you want real headphones, you need to go to the manufacturer's website and look for an authorized dealer. Otherwise, you'll get screwed by fakes.
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Hey guys, I've made a very detailed review comparing fake and real Klipsch s4 headphones. I made the mistake of buying fake ones to save money and knew it was off. I ended up losing money on shipping it back, so don't make the same mistake as me!


Here's going in order of the images of the differences (some are obvious, just pointing it out anyway):

FAKE: color is too saturated, "IMAGE" really stands out, printing seems off and crappy in terms of quality

REAL: "IMAGE" is hidden much more


F: registered trademark is printed off, R is too much to the left

R: mark is right in center, clear


F: the shelf hanging thing isn't rounded out completely, can see the material is obviously split into two sides

R: rounded out all the way, seems like one single material piece


F: Cnet logo is butchered and is not a perfect circle, jagged edges, registered mark touching logo

R: perfect circle, registered mark not touching logo, "Editors' Choice" seems bolder


Ok, the type looks the same, but it is NOT, my friends.

F: uppercase letters are closer to lowercase height

R: uppercase letters are much higher than lowercase, letters more rounded has 

Good characters to look at that are different: "S" and "s" are curvier on R, "8" is balanced on R, on F the bottom half is wider and bigger than top half of "8", "e" on F is less round, "e" on R nearly looks like a circle


F: manual is taped to the center, no product code sticker thing

R: manual is taped to left side, has product code sticker thing in the center


F: 3 extra pairs of ear tips in a plastic baggy, cleaner(?) stick underneath wrapped in plastic

R: 2 extra pairs of ear tips not in baggy, in right side compartment, no cleaning stick


F: "L" shaped 3mm jack

R: straight 3mm jack


Owner's Manuals are clearly different, F has the s2 model on it too


F: arrow looking mark extends out too far and too close to touching "Klipsch"

R: arrows end right at the furthest legs of the "K" and the "h", more space given below "Klipsch"


Finally, if you are still not sure, the fake ones sound super muddy and there is huge difference in sound quality. The headphones themselves are really close. The only major difference I noticed was that on the part where you take off the tip, there is a silver line there. On the F, it is flat and printed on the earphones and on the R, they stick out a little bit. I hope this helps someone out there!


Oh, and lastly, where I bought them:



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Hey, My brother bought the Klipsch Image S4 for $20 on Amazon, and I think you'll see that the metal case that it comes with has a line underneath the word Klipsch. This line is at a slightly different angle than the original model if they're fake. Also, the word on the side of each ear bud will rub off quickly. After about a month of use, the headphone jack broke off of the body.


 I hope this helps!


- Chuck-Fi

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