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First Post: Replacing My Trusty Sony V900s, What Should a Pro Buy?

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Hi HeadRoom Forum,


I'm an assistant editor in the TV and broadcast industry, who's also (and quite excited) to be starting to edit as well.  A long time ago in a land far far away.  I went to film school and asked my sound mixing teacher for headphone recommendations.  I ended up with Sony MDR-V900 purchased in 2003.  These cans have been around the block, they're sturdy, they travel well for a full 50mm driver headset, and they fit an oversized head like mine quite well.  I know this because, for starters I have a bigger head, and girls who I pass them to say they feel like a little kid putting them on. 


Long story short, one of the channels on this trusty set has quit.  So I'd like to get something new.  Previously a few things were constant.  I would be at an Avid with a higher end video and sound output, and there would be a reliable mackie mixer along with some decent near field monitors.  Often Mackie HR824s, or something of similar quality.  I like my work but now gear wise I'm slumming it.  Even though I'm all for the content I'm working with.  It's a sketchy room with nothing but a Mac Pro and a video monitor or two running Avid software only or Final Cut Pro.  The sound setup is just coming out of the 1/8th inch jack in back.  Which is a little sad in my book.


So I'd like to spend less than 500, but ideally 150-300 on a new head set and possibly if it will help some kind of DAC or headphone preamp so that I'm not always stuck with the meager offerings built into the actual CPU. 


I also play guitar through high end preamps like the axe fx sometimes, and a good headphone for that would be good too.


Other thoughts: I'm not entirely attached to the folding form factor, and I would consider getting a DAC/headphone amp that would create a more consistent quality of sound wherever I go, because it seems my industry has a lot of cheap-skates who don't provide the usual trimmings to a work space so (sadly) I feel I need to come better prepared.  I'm new to the world of high end headphones since I bought one decent pair and have been happy for 8 years. 


Your opinions and suggestions are appreciated.




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If you want a more analytical sound, you can opt for the AKG K271s which are very detailed. What will you be using them for?

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Video editing mainly, and late night guitar playing, but that's just a hobby.  So I'm monitoring some basic mixes and production audio coming in from the field, as stated I don't really trust any of the gear I've been provided.  Some of the more basic projects are going direct to the web so I need to the mix I'm hearing.  Other stuff I'm making calls concerning whether it's usable in a much longer workflow where it will be edited with for months until finally being used in a mix session. 


For example, this company I'm working for right now is very bare bones and some days I'm in an edit suite but today I ended up cutting on a laptop with sub 50 dollar, Sony X1000 headphones, in the middle of the office with all the paper pusher types chattering away like happy excited squirrel.  Plus many of the women wear heeled boots, or various other footwear that on old hard wood floors can be heard everywhere, even in the suites but especially when you're sitting at grouped desks in open high traffic areas.


I also plan to buy an Axe-Fx II when I have the money, which will hopefully be a very headphone friendly guitar platform. 




I'm not opposed to owning multiple sets one day but right now I want one good set, under 500, ideally around 2-300. 

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