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Best IEM Holder/Case?

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Hey guys.

I am looking to buy a case to store my IEM's in when not in use. The IEM's are currently in the mail so I thought I would just think ahead. The IEM's to be stored would be's which I am considering getting a remold for at a later date.

Right now I see the two main options would be a Otterbox 1000 case or Pelican 1050. I am leaning towards the Pelican currently since (from what I see at least) it includes foam that goes inside.

I am preferring a waterproof case at the moment as yes, I have had my stuff extremely wet (in the lake wet) before - at least it was a good excuse for me to throw out my ibuds.

Any suggestions/help are welcome!

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Whoa. I was thinking of a reply when I was reading the title of this thread before I clicked on it, and it seems that you already mentioned it in the first post. I'm using custom molds with my ER-4S, and I'm able to fit them in my otterbox 1000 waterproof hardcase. The case gives me great piece of mind; I highly recommend them. I know nothing about the pelican case, however. I'm not sure if you're going to need foam, but then again, my custom molds + ER-4P + ER4P-24 (p to s converter) make for a snug fit in the 1000.


Haha, I thought I was the only one who actually does this. It might be overkill, but it works out for me.

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Thanks for your input. I saw JHA sells the pelican custom engraved but the picture seems to show foam inside. I just thought it would be useful to have foam inside to stop em from banging around. Also, just one question for you since you do use a case- do you stick in silica packs?
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The TF10s come with a very nice metal case. You could probably put them in the included case, and then put the case in the otterbox if you're worried about them getting knocked around.

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Hmm, never thought of using silica packs... Well, I live in San Jose, CA and the temperature and humidity don't fluctuate much at all. Also, I never open the case if I'm in a situation where I wouldn't use my dslr camera (water, moisture, sudden temperature change, etc.) Also, for me, it wouldn't fit inside the case with my headphones, anyway.

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