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Looking for a new pair of headphones.

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Hey Guys,

I am looking for some good headphones that i can hook to my Laptop and my iPod. I would prefer one with a coil cord as i have broke a few pairs from the cord snagging. Literally just broke my Skullcandy Skullcrushers. I know skullcandies suck but they were a gift to me and i have gone through two pair of heshs in the past year or so. So i wanna buy some durable headphones. I go longboarding but i dont go crazy with em on. My music preferences are: (Glitch-Hop, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Rock) So i want some punchy headphones as i run subs in my car but nothing to over powering. Nothing is worse than Distorted bass or bass distorting the vocals and well just about any other highs in the song. I am fine with running and amp or whatever if i need to as long as it can fit in a pocket or something. I have 100 bucks to work with just thought id throw that in there. I would go a little higher if it means a huge jump in quality.


Thanks Guys!


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Inb4 a deluge of M50 recommendations. But seriously, have a look at the Audio Tehnica M50. Stretch the budget a bit (so it begins!) and never return to head-fi.

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As bad as Skullcandy products sound, their customer service is great. I hope you took advantage of their hassle-free lifetime warranty and returned your headphones for replacements. That said, if you tend to wreck headphones a lot, a pair with detachable cables would be a good investment. That's where all of my broken pairs failed, but the feature will narrow your options significantly. I picked up a pair of V-Moda Crossfade LP's on eBay for around $92 a couple of months ago. They are rarely if ever recommended on Head-Fi, probably because the sound doesn't stack up to their $200+ MSRP, but they are insanely durable, very comfortable, stylish, and are probably the bassiest headphones I've ever used next to the Skullcrushers. I've found that if I run a "V"-shaped eq (like Rock) out of my source, I can hide most of the midrange flaws across the board as well. Shure SRH440 is a good choice, but isn't particularly bass-heavy. The Kicker HP541 has stronger bass, but less clarity and lower SQ overall.

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I was thinking about the M-Audio Studiophile Q-40s today. 114 for a pair of phones with a detachable cord seems nice. Heard they can be uncomfortable but i can manage that and possibly modify the ear pads.


@ZMD whatya mean never return to head-fi?

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Originally Posted by SilverSix311 View Post

@ZMD whatya mean never return to head-fi?


Lol, do you think this headphone will be your most expensive purchase if you stick around?

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Oh i will be back to buy more headphones for sure. Just not for a lil bit. Broke college student :P I love music! And i love listening to it the right way. My car is decked out in lovely speakers all round. Thats where i do most of my listening.

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That's what we all tell ourselves at the beginning...

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I know for a fact im buying more hehehe. I LOVE SOUND.



I bought the M-Audio Studiophile Q40s today. I know the pads suck on em but im gonna buy some Beyer DT770s or whatev they are called. Looking forward to em. Im also looking to buy a portable amp for em. What is the recommended power rating for em at 64ohms? I was looking at the FiiO E7 or E11 to power em on the go. What you guys think. Really tryin to pull the highest quality out of these suckers. I HATE DISTORTION!! My friends think their cars sound good off headunits... HU = Gross :P Properly amped devices sounds like angels in your ear, and i want that in my headphones. Thanks guys for the help and i can gaurantee you will see me on here for a while :P

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