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PS 320 vs. MS 400 vs. Q460



As simple as which one has more bass? and I wanna know if for either of them could i add foam inserts to make them more bassy if so what inserts should i use could you find one online? The bass on them doesn't need to be as good as lets say the m50 which i have but they have to be decent enough if i want to amplify it.

Oh and value is important I can get the MS 400 for 160 and the PS 320 for 110 


I was also considering the AKG Q460 but i heard that the isolation is not good anyone hear otherwise? and how do they isolate compared to the PS 320 and MS 400. 


Alsoo are there any other sexy very portable collapsible headphones for under 150ish that i could get and have decent enough bass and nice clear mids and crisp trebles(lets say good enough to imitate a nice cymbal sound).