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I agree with you my only question is that would a headphone amp get rid of the problem? Be aware i am a noob so if Im totally wrong forgive me.
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Originally Posted by newdm View Post

Unfortunately, the Nexus has no memory slot and 16GB storage is not that much.

Imo a huge disadvantage for the use as a DAP.



The Galaxy Nexus can be connected to USB mass storage devices.



It will likely interwork with an external USB DAC, even a 24/192 USB audio class 2 device.


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high praise indeed for the 4s here!





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The 4S is good, but a bit inferior to the 4 in naturalness, and the Galaxy Nexus beats them both, IMO. FYI I owned a 4, and now a 4S and a Galaxy Nexus.

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You saying galaxy nexus sounds better than 4s after owning them both? I like that..

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I have both sitting right in front of me, and yes, that's my personal conclusion with my Westone ES5 custom IEM. Of course, when sitting still, I still prefer my iPhone 4S -> CLAS/Fostex HP-P1 -> SR71A/ Stepdance/ iBasso DB2->SR71B setups.

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An Android kernel developer is trying to enable the USB audio feature (i.e. to allow interoperability between Samsung Galaxy S2 and USB DAC).

He is looking for testers.

"Anyone have a dmesg log when connecting a DAC device? I don't use one so I can't test and get logs. If you need DAC support you'll need to help out here. If not, I can simply remove support for it in 1.4 since it doesn't work right and I can't test it."



Red Pill Kernel


Experimental: USB Audio support for DAC devices



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Apparently, the USB audio is enabled on Cyanogen modded Samsung Galaxy S2:


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How about Samsung Galaxy S3? Got it last Friday and wondering.

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Originally Posted by googleli View Post

How about Samsung Galaxy S3? Got it last Friday and wondering.

According to http://www.head-fi.org/t/604479/good-news-about-android-phone-supports-digital-audio-output/60#post_8430414 , USB audio is enabled on the S3 too
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Hallo there..


I just bought the Galaxy s2 - it will arrive next week. I am planning to replace my ipod classic with it. I'm using the triple.fi 10


As far as I read the Galaxy s2 seems to have a very poor SQ, especially when used with multiple BA InEars.

Therefore I want to buy an fiio e7 (usb DAC) and use it to improve the galaxy's poor SQ.

I read somewhere that android 4.1 is able to bypass the galaxy's own yamaha dac and to transfer the pure signal to an usb DAC. Is that true?

So will I be able connect the e7 to the galaxy's usb port and use the e7's dac, which is said to have a much better SQ?


Thank you for your replies!

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