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Samsung galaxy S2 vs IPhone 4

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Hello I am currently purchasing a new smartphone and was curious which one would have IN GENERAL the better music quality. I have a source that the S2 is using a yamaha DAC but I don't know.

Feedback ASAP thank you
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Get the Samsung Galaxy S2, you won't be dissapointed.Used to have Galaxy S and the sound for FLAC and 320 kbps mp3 files was amazing.It had a Wolfsen and the new S2 comes with a Yamaha DAC wich i don't know how it sounds, but video/audio wise nothing is better then Galaxy S2.


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I am in the OP's exact situation. Is there a noticeable difference between the S2 and the iPhone 4? What other options are out there?

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Can iphone play lossless files out of the box?well... nothing is better then Galaxy S2 as codecs playback.

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The S seems to be the better choice for audio quality over the S2.



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Originally Posted by musicday View Post

Can iphone play lossless files out of the box?well... nothing is better then Galaxy S2 as codecs playback.

Yeah, the iPhone can play apple lossless (ALAC).

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Does the Galaxy play gappless decently (mp3 and flac) ?
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I was pretty amazed with the iphone 4's sound qulity with my Westone ES5 and UE 18 Pro, but today when I hooked it up to my new Samsung Galaxy S2, my jaws dropped. Certainly one of the best experience from a portable device without further DAC stage and extra amping. To me the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a bit warmer in the high-mid range and the iPhone 4 has a more balanced sound overall. Both are quite good with music quality. Of course none of these matches my iPhone4 -> Algorhythm Solo -> Stepdance/SR71A combo, but sometimes you have to sacrifice SQ for portability, and you won't be wrong choosing either the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S2.

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I had Galaxy S before, and the SQ was amazing with my Westone 3, but it had one of the latest Wolfsen DAC.Now i have Westone 4, but don't have the Galaxy S2 yet, so i can't compare.But S2 has Yamaha DAC wich isn't that good IMHO.

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The S2 has sub-par sound quality. At higher volumes the bass can get distorted and the audio isn't very clear. Noise worsens as you increase the volume. I've tried everything from EQ to enhancers and I just can't say I'm happy with the SQ. It doesn't even hold a candle to my Cowon S9. The screen is perfect and the audio is good enough for watching videos.

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Just got the GalaxyS2 a few days ago. Was really disppointed with the stock music player's sound quality and inability to play Wav lossless. To be honest it sounded worst than my daughters Gio. This morning had the time to tweak and surprisingly have got it sounding very good.


I am using the Mixzing app as the replacement music player. It plays Wav lossless. (eq. is automatically disabled for lossless). For mp3 320bps, I went into the onboard eq. left it flat but changed the 'Smooth' selection to Wide.


In addition I have the Equalizer app. It is here that I make my eq. adjustments:- at 60hz +3db, at 230hz -6db, at 910hz 0db, at 3600hz -11db and at 14000 +1db.


With the above apps and adjustments, atlast the sound is very good, still not as good as my Motorola Xoom (stock player and Equalizer app) which is outstanding.


I am using Westone 4. Hope the above is useful

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Your eq settings make me wonder about the Galaxy output impedance really.

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Well really it boils down to whether one wants to listen to loud and brash or something which is more natural livelike sounding. I use the same Equalizer setting for all my android devices. It just so happens to be the ideal setting to my ears for the Westone 4 as well. Try it out on a android device!
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Download and try the PowerAmp application from the Market in Android for your Samsung Galaxy 2 it's great... 14 days trial as well and you can do a lot.. built in EQ.. plays FLAC etc.. easily the best music player for Android worth every penny.. if you decide to buy it (3 USD or so)

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How good is the volume on the Galaxy S2 compared to the iPhone 4? I use full sized headphones w/my iPhone, so I need a bit more power for them to get to a decent listening volume. Now, which of the 2 is the louder device? I already expect the Samsung device to sound excellent - it's now all about the power for me. popcorn.gif

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