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Due to my living situation/noise issues, headphone listening is required past a certain time of the day. I might as well make the best of the situation, hence looking into purchasing an amp. Listening pattern runs a wide gamut, jazz, funk, soul, african, brazilian, hiphop, electronic. I do favour a clearer midrange than booming bass though, which is where the hd-540's come into play. Music source are cd's and 320kbps mp3, but am interested in collecting 24/96 flacs.


The headphones at my disposal are...


1) Sennheiser hd-540 (1st version made in Germany, pretty sure it's 600ohms)

2) Sony mdr-7504's (long discontinued, smaller versions of the 7506/v6)

3) Brainwavz M1 iem (ipod use mostly)


First off, the hd-540's do need replacement pads, have been contacting Sennheiser Canada for replacement. My understanding is that their default replacement part will be pads from hd-250, which are pleather. Using the search function, another poster mentioned receiving replacement pads from Sennheiser meant for hd-560's, which I would prefer since they're velour. I do hope the hd-560 pads fit if I order them.


Amp preferences, I would like something that is 24/96 and can drive 600ohms comfortably. Portability isn't a big concern as I'll be using this for home listening with a Macbook. Looking at the intro price range of $200-$250 with solid state being the most bang for buck option. Is it possible to use the line in on the amps as a soundcard for recording vinyl rips in conjunction w/ my macbook?


1) iBasso d6 - seems to be a good fit for my needs

2) Yulong u100 - more connection option than d6, but reported issues with macs is a drawback.

3) Uber Muzak Tiny Tube - 24/48 only, but fits my midrange preferences.

4) Matrix Cube - statistically the most impressive, albeit 300ohms.


Others I considered but didn't make the cut are Audinst, Audio GB NFB-12 and Maverick d1. Maybe you can sway me to reconsider these or add other suggestions.