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Xears Resonance Deal

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For anyone who is interested, just spotted what seems like a bargain.


Quote from


"Special price!! MEGADEAL!! forget the ******* Crysis! Enjoy Music for only 9,90€!!!! ( 8€ Airmail)"

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A steal at that price...

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one day sale or what?

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looks like it - probably a good reason to keep checking back once in a while

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XEARS always have these kinda "STEAL DEALS".. thanks to Joker i am poisioned to this brand! haha

But thanks to him i am made aware of XEARS whom i dun have a clue about! haha

Ordered and paid for C100ip + N3i + 3x Foams = €67 Incl Airmail ( yesterday ) via email -> paypal

Thomas is very very helpful..might be a returning customer again! :)

Nothing yet to say about the sound til i go on the XEARS experience.. hehe.. might do my first review on them.. :)

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Xears Revolution 19,90€ - today only

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