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"Realvoice" 30 days Risk Free Trial offer

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Thanks for people who gave us positive reviews, in order for more people to try our earphone, Spider is offering an $79.99 + free shipping, this offer will be valid through August 31st. People who want to participate, please email our sales@spidercable.com, we can take credit card or Paypal. If you decide to keep the product, we will offer you 5 pairs of eartips(your size, $10 value). But if you decide to return product after testing, Spider Cable will arrange to pick up the product free of charge and refund your money in full(without any product damage). Check out our website for more information:  http://www.spidercable.com/detail.php?g=35



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We are very serious about every product we develop. We treat our Audiophile earphones as a work of art. The “realvoice ” earphones took almost a year to develop and here are some of our achievements:
Our driver frequency range is 5HZ - 20KHZ, this will help you experience deeper bass and beautiful vibration in your ears, you will get even better bass performance after 24hrs pink noise burn in.


2. Spider adapted a vertical ear design which can help to deliver more layers of sound through reflection and at the same time gives one a more spacious feel.
3. Spider experimented with over 20 different silicon plug designs to best fit the ear. Finally, we developed the ideal combination which is soft enough not to hurt the ear but still blocks out a tremendous amount of ambient noise.
4. The human ear canal size varies from person to person. To provide a custom fit, Spider provides S, M and L sizes to satisfy everybody’s needs.


Technical Spec
 • Driver Size – Dynamic Driver 12.5mm 
• Impedance – 18 ohms 
• Frequency Response – 5Hz~20000Hz 
• Sensitivity – 107dB 
• Cord Length – 120cm



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Please remeber to mention your headfi ID in email in order to get special sign up price

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Thanks for support our compaign, we already received many orders, don't worry, if you decide to return within 30days, just simply put all the parts back into our package, after we receive it, we will fully refund your money without question asked.

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Some of you are asking who Nik & Sam are, you can check thier official web site http://www.nikandsam.com/, they are new country music artists, the reason we bundle their CD as our reference music not only they love our earphones (they are using it everyday now), alsobecause their voices are so great and their music has many layers and details, which we think it's a good music to test our earphone.

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thanks Headfi member joined our 30 days trial program and gave us your honest review, our engineer loves the test songs you are using, here is the review link, hope we can see more head-fier post their review.


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New price on 30 days free trial!

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