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Angry at ear pain! (deciding on new iems)

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Hello everybody,


I've owned the Sennheiser IE-8 for almost two years now and today I have accidentally damaged them trying to get a good fit and I've finally decided that maybe they just don't work for me.  Since my warranty will expire soon, after I get a replacement set I don't want to be messing around with them as carelessly as I have been.  I cannot wear them for more than a couple hours though so might give them to a family member or something.


So now I'm looking for a new pair that will have smaller nozzles than the IE-8, but I don't know if the nozzle is the only factor contributing to the discomfort here.


Also on my Cowon J3, I have been using a setting of:


105hz (normal) = -1

500hz (wide)     = -3

1.1khz (wide)    = 0

4.1khz (wide)    = 1

13khz (wide)     = 3


BBE = 10

Stereo Enhance = 6


IE-8 bass setting = minimum


My preliminary questions to everyone are:


1.    Other than nozzle size and tip size, is there anything else that needs to be factored in for comfort?

2.    Is there such a sound signature that is similar to what I have set on the J3 without a need for eq?


     The motif for my eq settings were: (sorry, I don't know the proper language for describing sounds!)


A. To bring down the general midbass (~500hz) and to lower the pronounced double bass(~100hz) but keep the *thud* feeling in the bass (~80hz) in this song:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8ILhJCr60A  - Chrono Cross: Arni Village (home)


B. To make the highs a little brighter (~4.1khz) than IE-8's norm in the very beginning of this song:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hck3K8JFdFc - Chrono Cross: Snake Bone Mansion


C. To be able to hear the cymbals not be drowned out amidst all the noise on various non-hifi rock tracks (13khz), particularly at lower volumes.  For instance the chorus of:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d7EbtLb8ok - Matchbox Twenty: How Far We've Come


I found that my final eq translated relatively well to my other music after reaching these target objectives.




In general I suppose I'm looking for clarity first, bass second.


forgot to add: I've been interested in the UM3X and head lots of talk about TF10s but know not how they compare

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You might want a less bass-oriented IEM instead. Tip material (silicone, foam, etc), IEM housing size and form, and angle of nozzle relative to housing, are also major factors when it comes to comfort. You might look into something like the CK10, which should have the bass extension you're looking for, clarity, and much more comfortable seeming form factor.

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I should mention that my ears are odd.

One ear generally takes a medium but will hurt after a while (though less than the other ear). This ear is compatible with deep insertion though.

The other ear takes a small only, but hurts after a while with sennheiser's small single flange.  This ear is not compatible with deep insertion due to the stranger shape.


Looking at this thread:



I am liking the way the ck9s have their cable attached to the driver at an angle.  With my IE-8s I found that they leaned away from my head (because of the nozzle angle) and made my ears look elvish tongue.gif and the cable would frequently be resting on the ear itself rather than directly behind the ear.  I think with the angled design it might actually hook around the back more successfully.

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Is there a reason not to go with an iem with detachable cables?

The cables seem to be the most troublesome component for me and is the main reason I chose the IE-8s in the first place.

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you may like the Brainwavz B2 or Fischer DBA-02's The bass is said to be lean with a mid-high focus. I would normally reccomend the Triple.Fi 10's(my personal favorite), but you seem like the type that wouldnt cope well with the fit; however, it seems like it would be your SS since the highs come in effortlessly without the shrill and the bass has a lot of impact texture without the womp

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Thank you for your replies.


I've decided to go for the new Westone 4s since it seems to be so landslide victory recommended by everyone (is this just because its new or what?) and because it's available in Canada.


I liked the idea of the ck10s but reviews pointed out that bass was bordering on too light and highs were approaching sibilance.  Not that light bass is necessarily a problem for music but I use my iems all things audio related (games, music, movies) and I listen to ....Eurodance-I-think-it's-called? every now and again (If you've ever watched or played " Initial D" you'll know what I'm talking about) so some bass is welcomed.  Also, the soundstage on the W4 is supposedly amazing; more amazing-er than when the IE-8s were amazing-est --- another reason why I chose the IE-8s (other than removable cables).


Brainwavz and DBA-02 were hard to judge because of mixed reviews and I didn't like the way they stick out of the ears; same with monster turbine coppers.


Nozzles look smaller than IE-8s so hopefully fit is ok.

No removable cables but I get a sturdy looking case with the purchase; no more empty sucrets tin.  Looks like I can clip it to my persons so using the case will be more convenient aswell.


Now I can look uncool because "I don't have Beats" AND "I use protection"! tongue.gif.


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I would say go for Westone (either the W4 or the UM3X). I had the Triple.fi 10, but I ultimately ended up selling it because I could not get a good fit no matter which tips I used. The UM3X is a very neutral sounding IEM, but it responds well to EQing.

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Try the Klipsch X10i. I can wear them all day and forget they are there. They are - hands down - the most comfortable pair of universals I have ever worn. Westone is a real close second.

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If the W4 are in your price range, it might behoove you to drop the money on customs, there seem to be quite a few in the $500 range.  The comfort difference is hard to explain & I had the W4 before my current ES5.  I think my ear canals are a bit different than most, the audiologist commented on how straight my ear canals were.  I've never been able to get terribly comfortable with any generic tips, I always had to use the triple flange tips & sacrifice a bit of comfort to get a good seal.

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I heard that customs need to be reshelled every so often.  On top of the ~$500, wouldn't that add to the cost significantly?  Also, there's no resale value with customs either according to some posts here on headfi.

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You are correct about resale value being minimal. Customs are personal by nature, and only the internal electronics and cable have any value to others.


Regarding "reshelling" -- This should not be necessary unless the owner has undergone significant changes in body weight, or was not physically mature at the time of purchase. I've had my customs for nearly 5 years (Sensaphonics 3D) and they fit the same today as they did when I got them.

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