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Headphones on a budget

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I have purchased some Sony XD100 from a warehouse store ($20)  at this point I have not opened them & can still return them.  I wanted some opnions on the headphones & the others available at that store.


I should say that I am not a huge audiophile but I want them to sound "deccent" I also have to purchase from the list below, I may invest insomething more pricey next year but for now this will have to do.  Aslo I mostly listen to fairly bass heavy music, Dub, Jungle, DnB, Hip Hop etc,  But do listen to some of just about everything.


Another consideration is that these are for my subway ride to work (About 1.5 hours each way)  But I dont' need them to be foldable or anything I 'll just fabricate some kind of box for storing them in my backpack.  I am not concerned what they look like.  I'd rather the money went towards sound not looks.


Please try to avoid bashing the cheap headphones, these are my options right now, just looking for some comparisons between whats available.


Thanks for any opnions

















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I haven't heard any of the phones you have listed so I'm not in a position to comment on them.


But I do have the Koss KSC-75. These are renowned for their high quality sound at a similar price to the one you mentioned. Strong bass too. Definitely worth a look. Also the Koss KSC-55 and Koss PortaPros are worth a look.


If you are willing to splash out a bit more, Aiaiai tracks are reputably excellent sounding portable phones.


I know these are not on your list but it is what I would recommend.

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I'm fairly new too to the audiophile arena.  I bought a pair of Grado SR-225is that sound amazing. They are a bit pricey but you may want to look into the Grado line.  I believe the standard is the SR-60.

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Koss porta pros. They have nice bass. 

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Superlux Hd668B? I hear these cans are tops in the budget range especially if you can get them for $30.

Though I also heard that they need a lengthy burn-in..

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I bought a pair of those XD100's for the pads and they sound terrible, even for the $20 price tag. One of the worst I've tried yet. Maybe not as bad as the Kicker HP541.


JVC RX300 is nearly as bad IMO, but I bought it a few days ago to use the pads on my DJ100.


For a good budget headphone the Beyer Dynamic DT-235 is extremely good. You can mod the heck out of that and even add circumaural pads. I put mine into a HD-497 shell to make them open! It's now one of the best headphones for classical music under $50!


The KSC75 and Porta Pro also isn't bad. The Maxell DHP-II is a favorite but I doubt you'll find them for cheap and easily right now. The DHP-III I believe is the replacement.


The AKG K44 is also quite good if you EQ the bass down. They run about $50, but I got mine on sale for $30.


My favorite budget headphone of all time is the Koss Pro DJ 100 but they're a little more expensive at $80 and need an amp.





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Ok...Thanks for all the advice guys. 


Still not sure what to do as I have to choose from the list I gave as I already purchased the SOny XD 100's & only have the option of exchanging.


So far the opnions seem to be that they're all pretty rubbish or unknown!



I think this will be a case of buyer's remorse...But maybe there's some last minute advice on the headphones I listed that will make it somewhat less remorseful!!. 



Thanks again

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Just had another thought....


I have never really liked earbuds (although I've never used quality ones) but I can get a pair of SONY MDR-EX56LP  for the same price & they seem like they maybe a better product.


Any thoughts..

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