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IE8 vs Full size cans

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I've always been a IEM user but have considered getting a set of full size cans. Now the missus has offered to buy me some for my birthday :)


I love the sound signature of my IE8's, and my SE530's second. I like a warm, smooth, large soundstage, lots of bass.



What would I be looking at in the full size cans world that is comparable or better? I don't mind (her) spending upto about the same what I paid for the IE8's (about £180 I think), but the cheaper the better.


I was unsure to post this in here or the full size forum, but thought more of you guys would have full size also than visa versa ;)








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Either HD598 or If you want to still be able to carry them around HD25-1 ii, I know their not fullsized (the hd25), But i'm quite sure they sound as good as HD598's.



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Originally Posted by Mors View Post
. I like a warm, smooth, large soundstage, lots of bass.









From what I remember ,as it was quite a while ago I owned them, Sennheiser HD580's will give you that warm and smooth sound with a large sound-stage .There bass attack is pretty much relaxed as there a open headphone .If you listened to music with lots of bass that's what you'd hear with the HD580's .


They are open headphones though so don't provide isolation from external sound .


Alternatively Do some searching on the full size headphone forum and you will find there are many  headphones that will fit your description .


And the best thing compared to the silly world of the I.E.M's confused.gif, is there are ,depending where you live of course, plenty of shops where you can actually listen to Full size headphones before you buy them.


Thus a Choice based on actually listening to the objects of your desire .


1.Make a list of headphones that match your requirements .


2.Go to the headphone shop and listen to the headphones.

3.Choose which you like the best beyersmile.png


4.Thank the missus in the  manner which is akin to the customs of your tribe for your nice sounding Birthday present .

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I'll have to find a store where I can listen to some, which may be problematic ;)

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Super-Fi and Richer sounds both have sennheiser demo sets, Denon D2000 would be the best bet imo.

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Ahh! Forgot about them! There's one in Bham not far from where I work. I'll have to pop in and see what they've got.

These Denon's look alright Natasha, thanks for the heads up :)

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