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Have anyone tried C&C BH?

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anyone know this amp?

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I've seen this one on eBay, the C&C BK:


And I see there is a BH, as you asked about also for $99.


Zero description about these except for here:, with no difference mentioned between the BK and BH model.


But, I'm with you -- anyone tried either of these amps?

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Please allow me to chime in here, if I may.  I came across this amp through a purchase from another Head-Fi member.  Ultimately, the amp wasn't my goal - the goal was to get a LOD cable for a Sansa Fuze and a spare Sansa Fuze, but the amp was part of the package.  My initial thoughts were that I'd quickly put the amp up for sale and not keep it for my personal use.


However, once I received everything - in beautiful condition, I might add, I started to use the amp.  After a few days, my mind was convinced that I was not going to sell that little baby at any cost... well, maybe if I were to get a few hundred bucks for it so I could turn around and buy a few more of them for my use.  I use the amp quite frequently.  Initially, it started off as my amp that I'd carry to work to power my Magnum-modified Grados with.  The amp performed flawlessly.  It lives up to its state charge retention times, too.  I charge it about once per week and that's only because I end up listening to it at night and waking up 4 hours later to power it off.


The amplifier housing is quite solid and constructed of aluminum, which includes the oval outer shell and both ends.  There's a gain switch, a low frequency boost and a 3rd switch for adjusting the sound field / sound stage.  I've rarely used the bass boost because the amp does a great job of handling the music from the source that feeds it.


There is one small complaint, though, which I will bring up as a negative item that could concern some people.  When turning the amp on, there is a slight "pop."  To avoid this, I'd suggest turning on the amp and then plugging your headphones in.



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I too have the C&C BH, which I've used for about a week now.  I am relatively new to headphone listening, but have been a high end stereo fan for many years, just to qualify my impressions.  As such I don't yet have a wealth of of other amps and a bunch of ear phones to make in depth comparisons. 


The C&C BH has superb resolution, dynamics and detail across the range.  Additionally it has very good output and I was able to drive all of my phones easily at less than half of the volume control setting.  These include  iMac/iTunes running at 96k sample rate, Audinst HUD-mx-1 DAC/amp, Cambridge Audio DacMagic paired with Audio Engine N22 amp, Audeze LCD-2 for over ear and VSonic GR07 IEM.  Older phones of lower cost include Sennheiser PX-100 on ear, Sony MDR-NC6, and Sennheiser Adidas PMX-680.  I found that the adjustment switches (GC= low/hi, LF=off/on, SF=off/on) something any listener should find useful for choosing settings for their given phones ad source to make for the most satisfying musical experience.  For the most part, I found the low and off settings were preferable.  As for direct comparisons, there was no direst A/B possible as the closest was Audinst DAC/amp running off iMac's USB vs. the C&C BH running via optical cable to Cambridge DAC, or from the iMAC's internal DAC and headphone out.  The best combination was the Cambridge DAC and AudioEngine amp, but the Cambridge DAC and C&C BH were a close second and tad better than the Audinst HUD-mx1.


Other headphone amps selling for a good bit more money will outperform the C&C BH in certain areas, such as little more warmth of vocals and a little more control of bass, but I doubt there's a portable amp about the size of a deck of cards (minus about a third of them) that will outperform this one.  Throw in the dual phone outs and power and this $99 amp is a steal in my opinion.

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which is a good combination for ck100 
and I think it is better than e7 and one the best at its price range

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This is very interesting, I'm going to give this a bump.

Are there any other users of this amp that can give any feedback?
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I ended up purchasing the C&C BH. My first impressions are positive, I would like to thank wje and ClieOS especially for their information.

A quick mini review can be found here.
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