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I've always had a soft spot for the k240's. They remind me of my old d2000's minus the recessed mids. Your review has me considering re-purchasing them perhaps as a can that I can use for classical and jazz, instead of my sr60i.


Great review =]

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Is AKG K242 HD a successor to K240 mk II?

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Originally Posted by kostalex View Post

Is AKG K242 HD a successor to K240 mk II?

it's the same headphone with more comfortable pads and funky color scheme

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Another K240 owner over here, and i agree, they are great.

They were my second headphone after my XB500 and i always felt they were bass light(probably because i was coming from XB's...) but i recently got the Shure 940 which actually is bass light and upon listening to them again after they sat there neglected for a week, i really came out with a new love for them, so smooth and balanced a little dark but very relaxing and the different sounds really work together and interact(in a good way). They definently will be kept and have their place.

Just realized that was 3 sentences... two of which were short.

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I had the Shure 440 and 840.  Didn't keep either one of them because, similarly, I felt they had too much of a tilt from not enough bass to very nice mids to too much treble.


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The akg k240 mk 2 is good no doubt, not the best but good.


Excellent clarity good price for what you get so all good, this would be a headphone i would recommend for first timers into the audiophile community.


I just want an amp to make these shine more and an op amp to suit the k240 mk 2 perfectly which akg would intend.


They are beautiful sounding headphones and i know the potential of them but it won't be a massive leap the bass to me is satisfactory i mean what can you expect from this headphone since headphones are not like speakers and they don't move much air.


This i think is an excellent headphone for someone who is after clarity and a clean sounding headphone.


I prefer this akg sound over the m50 i don't like bass in the way or sound too low, this is more balanced open sounding type of headphones the way they made and designed this headphone is spot on but won't be to every ones likeing.


I just want them to sound louder and more beautiful.


I am totally satisfied with what i get with the k240 mk 2.



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Sorry to resurrect a old thread here but I'm lookin' for an amp/DAC (with RCA outs to go to a vintage receiver) for my MKIIs. For use with a Rockbox'ed iPod Classic or Android device. Any recommendations?



EDIT: From reading deeper into the thread I linked to looks like a little SOL. I'll search more.

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