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Brainwavz M2 and EQing

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I was thinking of getting some Xears XB120Pros but their price + postage means that they are too near in price to the M1/M2. Furthermore an important criteria for me is durability, and the Xears phones seem lacking on that front. The M2s have both a fantastic reputation and seeming durability. I can't, on value/performance/durability, justify NOT buying the M2's.

The trouble is that I've already tried the M2's. I was shocked at how underwhelming they were, especially after reading the reviews. They didn't seem much better than my ten year old £9.99 Sony MDR-A34's, which you've probably never heard of, but with absurd amounts of bass. I sent them back. They made me think that perhaps some reviewers have bass hearing damage. For myself, my ears are nearly virgin: I have rarely listened to music, preferring to live in silence, and I never go clubbing or to loud music concerts.

I ended up with the PL-30's which are great; but now I want to take a significant step up.

What I've realised, of late, is how important EQing is to my listening pleasure. I have the high treble on the PL-30's up to 17 (pretty high) on my clip+. I also usually tone down the bass a little and the mids a lot. I didn't know this when I tried the M2's.

I've also read that EQing down the bass often lets the mids and treble come alive in such a way that EQ-ers sometimes need not increase either of the latter. Sounds good to me.

So I'm thinking that all I need do is EQ the M2's to what I prefer and therefore reap the benefit of its SQ which I otherwise simply can't hear for bass. However I'm afraid of what I might uncover or that they don't respond well to EQing.

Anyone have experience? Might I find myself with treble sibiliance, especially if I push that high treble up high?

Are the M2's EQ friendly?
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I thought to add that what I particularly listen to is folky/guitar music. Agnes Obel, Julia Stone, Hannah Peel, Mumford and sons, Fairport Covention etc The treble is all about the guitar for me.
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+17 on the treble, I feel for your ears.

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