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UM2 Sound Signature (vs W2)

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Hi, I'm pretty much a newbie to audio here and recently auditioned both UM2 and Westone 2. I've found that UM2 has some sort of concert hall surround effect that I kind off like that is not in W2. Does anyone know the exact term to describe this UM2 sound? I'm not sure whether it's called ambience or reverb or wide soundstage or what... but am really keen to find out what it is.

Also, does anyone know of other iems that have this similar hall surround effect? Tks!

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Bump. Anyone pls help me? Tks.

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I am not sure about that.  UM2 is more of a musicians stage monitor and generally has a small soundstage.  I found W2 to be more open sounding, better treble, larger soundstage and more musical.  Not sure reverb effect you are talking about but it has been a few years since I had the UM2.

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Haven't tried the W2, but i still have the UM2, it's more for monitoring purpose, it 'displays' everything separately, yes the bass is good and loud, mids are nice, trebles are good too. If you're planning to use it for work or critical listening then um2 is your choice, but for musical and fun, go for smth else. I myself are trying the se215 now, trying to see whether i like or not. have fun.

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Tks, Spyro and TFOA! Hmm, I'm not sure how to describe it well either, but it is a kind of resonant hall effect... I'm trying to look for cheaper models with similar sound signatures, but without knowing what the sound I'm looking for exactly is called, it gets pretty tough asking around. Many thanks anyway!

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