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Here is my updated list:


3-channel ß22

Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2 (and tuuuubes!)




Emotiva ERC-2 and XDA-1


My Valhalla and K701s were stolen borrowed by the girlfriend. I seem to have created a monster there...

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Tentative to-bring list:



MB Quart QP95x

Shure SRH 840

Various Sennheiser phones

Heathkit AR-1500 receiver

Harmon/Kardon HK 670 receiver

Violectric HPA100

Elekit TU-882AS
Leckerton UHA-6S

Cary Xciter DAC


iBook as music server


Both DACs support the usual digital connections (Toslink, coax, USB), if you want to experiment with sources.


I'll also be bringing anything people expressed interest in buying. If you have questions or want to see the list, PM me.

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  • PSAudio Digital Link III (Cullen modified level 3)
  • RudiStor RPX-33 Mk II
  • HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC
  • ALO Rx
  • RSA SR71B
  • RSA "The Shadow"
  • Shure SRH750DJ
  • Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
  • Sennheiser HD 600
  • Audio-Technica ATH-ESW10JPN
  • Audez'e LCD-2
  • JHAudio JH-13
  • JHAudio JH-3A

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Originally Posted by nullstring View Post

I can bring my monoprice SPDIF cable and my parasound DAC. It's got PCM63's in it if you're interested.

Sure! Sounds great!

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WOW looks like a lot of cool gear, it will be the place to be tomorrow.


To bad just like last time I have to work tomorrow.  I will come home and see if anyone takes pictures and writes any reviews on how it went.


Have fun and be safe


I was really looking forward to the drive out and meeting more members.



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Everything is loaded now in my car. As last time I will need some help to unload.

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I'll be there with the simple stock D7000, Audio-GD FUN, and a laptop running foobar.  :)

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I forgot to pick up name tag sticky labels. If anyone has any, can you kindly bring them?
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Running along closer to 11...grumble grumble car grumble grumble
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Running late as well. (overslept =( )


I didn't see anything relating to how long the meet was suppose to last?

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That was a blast! Glad to meet you all -- for the first or second time.


Thanks to everybody for the great time and the opportunity to see the faces behind the usernames. And also for the chance to listen to some really great gear of all varieties.


I'm sorting through pics and will be posting photos in the next day or two.

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Things left behind:


  • AKG K240's (I can post a photo on Monday)
  • Silver Dragon cable for Audeze LCD-2, terminated in dual 3-pin XLR (not an adapter cable, but hard-wired to dual 3-pin XLR)
  • A lot of bagels.  (Thanks, elrod-tom!)
  • A lot of Sweetwater donuts.  (Thanks, wotts!)


A couple of us stayed quite late chatting, so I didn't yet get a chance to do a thorough scan of the joint.  I'll look very carefully around the place on Monday, to make sure nothing else was left behind.  (However, the bagels and donuts will have been long gone come Monday. wink.gif)



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Thank you for hosting Jude!  I had a great time, and it was nice to meet everyone (a lot of you for the second time) and check out the awesome gear.


Enjoy the donuts!


I'll get an interest check thread going for a kzoo meet like I had mentioned.


Look forward to seeing you all again!



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I'll start an impressions thread, if one hasn't already been started.

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If the K240 is silver trim Sextetts, they're probably mine. I think I'm the only one to bring a pair, and I can't find it in my boxes now. (I can provide a more detailed description if needed). Hang on to them and I'll arrange a handoff later; I'm not in a hurry for them at the moment.

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