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Looking for ~$150 IEM's. Suggestions?

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I've previously owned Atrio M5 (loved them but it's been a couple of years since I heard them), and Monster Turbines (not as good but for 60, more than half the price, decent sound).


I'm looking for new IEM's since my others broke. I was thinking of either repurchasing the Atrio M5's, getting the Sennheiser CX 880, or the Sennheiser IE6.


I like to listen to Rap, R&B, Latin Music, and some Jazz. I love crisp treble & base. I would like very good sound isolation (I could turn up my Atrio M5 to the highest volume and no one could hear them). Being comfortable is also important.


My budget is $150 but I can spend more for a really good product. Any suggestions?








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Sennheiser MX980 are very good sounding earbuds with large soundstage.

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gr-07, hje900 and dba-02 

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Originally Posted by blazin_it_alwyz View Post

I love crisp treble & base.



These are exactly what you describe: HJE900, TF10, and if you could stretch your budget, Westone 3.

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The Dba-02 are great too.

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I pulled the trigger and bought the DB-02 from MusicaAcoustics.com: was this a good place to buy it from?


In any case, I appreciate all the helpful suggestions!

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I'm not sure why people kept recommending the DBA-02. They are lean in bass impact, and he clearly stated that he liked strong bass. Going by his descriptions, something like the HJE900, TF10 or Westone 3 would have probably fit his needs more.


Especially since he is coming from the Atrio M5...

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He can always eq it so there is more bass, I know it's not quite the same but they are absolutely wonderful for r&b and jazz.

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To me, if the IEMs require EQ to sound brilliant, they are a failure - the manufacturer should've equalized them already.

In my opinion, the perfect headphone/IEM sounds equally loud at all frequencies.

That doesn't mean the transducer produces flat spectrum, of course...

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Finally got these from musicaacoustics.


I'll give it a couple of days, but I don't like these at all.


* Not a lot of bass, so rap / latin music don't sound good, which were more important than R&B / Jazz sounding good (bass is important for R&B for me me too, and I hardly listen to Jazz).

* Almost NO sound isolation (seriously guys?), which was one of the more important points... guess I can't turn up my iPhone at work or in the bus, which is where I really use these things.


Good Points:


* Very comfortable

* Treble / Crispness is definitely there


They're definitely comfortable, but not being able to turn up the volume all but kills this for me completely. And I can't EQ it.


So, anyone else have suggestions? I would still like the excellent treble & comfort, but I really want great sound isolation and bass (for latin music, I want to be able to hear & feel the drums, and for rap, I want the bass to have very good presence). Also, do you think musicaacoustics will accept these back as a return?


Edit: I'm quite angry I made this purchase, so much so that I think my budget shot up by x3. Thinking of getting the Westone 3 and getting it over with, if I can't find a suitable upgrade for my Atrio M5

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Get the Atrio with the MG7 drivers and you will most defenatly love it if you liked the old version.

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I never bought that IEM due to the comments about it's bass. The W3 will give you a V shaped signature which it sounds like you want so they are likely a good oprion. If you want to stay in the price range your at you might want to look at the VSonic GR07.
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triple.fi 10s can be had for that price. I just purchased a pair NIB for $150 on this forum. Nothing compares at 2x the price. 

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I'll say it again... HJE900, TF10, and W3 if you can stretch.

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I hate to sound like a fanboy but my personal fav is the newer batch of the JVC FX500s by far. Over GR07, CKM99, HJE900, DBA02, MTPC etc. This is my personal preference though, some of the mentioned may be more appealing to others. According to some of your info the FX500s, HJE900s and MTPG (used) are options I would recommend. 



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