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For Sale: Furukawa PCOCC 1.5M Audio Power Cable Cord

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For Sale:
Furukawa PCOCC 1.5M Audio Power Cable Cord

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Condition:  90% new


asking price: USD45 + SHIPPING COST


With US style plug



★ Here recommend to you is a Japanese Furutech Furukawa PCOCC (anaerobic single crystal copper) superb high end grade power cord.

★ This cable featuring Furukawa original PCOCC (oxygen-free copper single crystal) material, so Furukawa wire to an unprecedented low-loss transmission performance excellence! The sound delivered by this cable is transparent and flawless, sound ground is clean and quiet, mid frequency is sweet, thick and juicy, both ends of the extension is amazing, the sound is detailed, smooth and has accurate sound field positioning, and broad! it delivers so rich details, such as a clear statement! So real quilibrium! With an excellent sense of control and energy!


★ small number, don't miss the chance!

★ on single crystal copper: copper single crystal (the OCC) for the production of audio wire, audio cable manufacturing industry in recent years a major breakthrough. Scientific experiments prove that: a high-purity single crystal copper is copper (purity up to 6N or above), the entire root rods only by one or a few grains, grain and the grain had no "boundary" or is less "grain boundary" ("boundary" signal will be generated by reflection and refraction, resulting in signal attenuation), which has a very high signal transmission performance.

★ Furukawa and Furutech relationship:
Furukawa Furukawa Furutech is a specialized development of its practical tone audio sound products, improving the voice attachments, and wire, terminal companies. Furukawa Furukawa that focus on research and development of various materials upstream, downstream product design, manufacturing, sales would be responsible for the Furutech.


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pm sent

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I wish to buy the 6ft Furukawa POCC cable US plug, depending on price and shipping charge. Please advise I'm at vickgeo@live.

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Hello again -

I would like to buy one or two of these 1.5m pcocc power cords. How do I do it?what is a pm?



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what do you guys think of these?
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