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K1000 or Senn HE60

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I have taken the decision and sold my Senn HD580. I loved them. They were laid back and you could listen to them for hours without fatigue. Now I want to buy the K1000s. But with the same amount (approximately) the baby Orpheus used. Since I enjoyed the HD580s would they maintain this character? Or is it only their rarity what makes their price so high. Are they worth the money compared to the K1000? Or is it worse than a STAX 2020 system to say. Has anyone actually heard the phones and has an opinion.

Both pairs are appealing to me so I am just wondering about the baby Orpheus.
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I was going to buy one my self , and although I haven't heard one (yet ) I've read as much as I could find about them. The He60 it self is a great headphone. One of the best , some people find it better then the omega II. The he60 is very fast and has great bass ,but it's detail isn't as good as the he90( but what is ?!). The baby orpheus which is the he60/hev70 headphone/amp setup is like on par with a srs-404/313 setup. The he60 is deff better then the sr-404 , but the 313 is much better then the hev70 , so over all there somewhat even. The hev70 is really the down fall of the combo so from what I hear the He60 on an amp like the KGSS is an amazing combo.
The k1000 on a good amp is much better then the srs-404/313( so I figure it would be better then the baby orpheus also), but the k1000 is prob going to cost you more then the baby orpheus because you have to buy a real powerful amp.
If money isn't to much of an issue I would recommend either the He60 ( alone) with the KGSS ( trust me that would stop your upgrading ) , Sr-404 with kgss ( sweet spot of the 3) , or K1000 on a good amp. Those are all around a simlar price range and all sound very good.
If those are all to high over your price range I would go with the he60/hev70 rather then a K1000 on a semi good amp, but maybe that's just me. The k1000 has bigger soundstage , but the he60 is very fast , great bass , great detail ( think the k1000 prob comes close with detail though ). Good luck
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That's quite a comparison for someone who has never listened to the HE60.

Marios, a good person to ask is Uncledan, he has owned both the HE60/HEV70 and K-1000/RKV.

He also currently has an interest check out on his Baby Orpheus system, but it's definitely going to cost more than a K-1000
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K1000 and HE60 are nothing like HD580/600/650. In either case, you'll need some good amplification to get the best out of both of them. Baby Orpheus system starts at higher price than K1000 itself. You'll definitly want a better amp for the HE60. WIth K1000 you have much wider options for amps and thus at different price points

HE60 is bassy. K1000 is also fast and has a lot of detail. K1000 has treble which annoys some people so you have to get the synergy right for you. I was going to get HE60 but I can't maintain 2 systems. For HE60 to sound their best, you have to spend a lot of $ as there's not much choice so the initial investment cost is high compared to K1000.
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more then then the k1000? I was just about to buy a he60/hev70 combo for 700 . That's alot cheaper then any k1000+ amp combo's i've seen , well for new at lest.
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HEV70 just gets it working in my opinion. If you want better sound you're going to have to spend $ on another amp and if you're going to get another amp, just get a KGSS instead of a Stax amp. So that's like 1500-2000 right there. If you're going K1000 route, there are a few cheaper options to start, Fisher 400, RKV.
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Originally posted by lan
HE60 is bassy.
bozebuttons says the same about the HE60 being bassy. Which is interesting since the HE90 is light on the bass (at least when compared to the Omega 2).

I would guess that the HE60 needs a decent Stax amp or KGSS to perform well.

Lan, I agree that the treble on the K-1000 can be a little irritating with the wrong amp. The K-1000 does best with tubes IMO, and the RKV really does the job well.
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The He60 has better bass then the He90s but is not bassy at all. The omegaIIs has more bass then both.
Carefull attention in amplifacation
for the K1000s as well as the He60s matters to both headphones.
The Hev70 amp isn't as bad as everyone thinks, it requires a long warm up as do the He60s to sound their best.
The He60s do have much better potential when driven with a better amp,I was using the stax007t with great results.
The Downside to the K1000s is you need a quiet listening enviorment .
Downside to the He60s they need at least an hour of signal running though them before they hit their sride and improve even more after that and can sound stunning.
Etheir Headphone is a good choice
as long as you realize their requirements.
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The baby O aka HE60 doesn't sound anything like the HD580, it's much faster, cleaner, and more forward than the laid back warm sound of the HD580.
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Currently I have two amps. A Kenwood and a Tandberg from the late 70s

Would this do the job before I buy a GREAT amp.

A great amp could also be good for speakers that I will buy in the future. So its a 2in1 buy.

Im leaning more towards the K1000s I guess.
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Actually K1000 and HE60 give different sound, K1000 give more excitement, and HE60 is smooth and warmer. Which set up is better? It depend on what kind of music you like, if you like rock and pop, go for K1000 combo. But if you like Jezz or Classical, go for HE60.

One important thing that I don't like K1000, it is very uncomforable, I can not wear it more then 10 mins. On the other hand, HE60 is very comforable. (I think it is very important to whoever use headphone for a long period everyday.)

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Originally posted by Uncledan
One important thing that I don't like K1000, it is very uncomforable, I can not wear it more then 10 mins.
Wow, we differ on that. Except for the Sony F1, the K1000 is the most comfortable headphone I've tried.
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Originally posted by Music Fanatic
Wow, we differ on that. Except for the Sony F1, the K1000 is the most comfortable headphone I've tried.
Maybe I have a big head, that is why!
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How does K1000 compare to CD3000 or RS-1?
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I have an AKG K1000/SAC 1000 system, as well as the Baby Orpheus (HE60/HV70), and I much prefer the Sennheisers. The AKGs are uncomfortable and have a steely sound that makes them hard to listen to even if my head weren't hurting already from their vice-like grip, which has never diminished. I've also never found a good compromise for their bass issues. As Bozebuttons writes, the Sennheisers need warm-up to sound their best, as their initial sound has thin metallic sheen that's not very flattering, but once they're going, they're really gorgeous on strings and voices, not that they're not good on other things as well. I listen to classical music, so your reaction may be different depending on the music you listen to.

It will be interesting to hear what others think at the Los Angeles meet this weekend since both systems will be there.

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