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For Sale: Stello DA100

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For Sale:
Stello DA100

Will Ship To: CONUS


I have for sale a Stello DA100.  This has been my go-to DAC for quite sometime, but I have recently upgraded to an all USB interface with my PC as a dedicated.

There are many raving reviews about this DAC all over online.  This DAC has served me well and has functioned perfectly throughout my time with it.  It is cosmetically in perfect condition as well.  I will note one thing though for full disclosure, there is a very slight buzz/hum which can't be heard unless you are extremely close to the unit.  I don't remember it being there when I received the unit, nor do I know how it actually came to existence.  Regardless, I had never heard any sonic degradation or any mitigation of quality in the unit.

I will ship with the original packaging, manual, and generic power cord;  It will also be double boxed.  My price is considering the slight buzz, I am asking $420 shipped, +3% for Paypal please.  Send me a PM if interested, thanks.

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