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For Sale or Trade: MSB Power DAC

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:

Will Ship To: North America


I opted to skip USB input because I like the Legato USB converter. I did, however, get the remote volume control ($699 option), which means you can use this DAC straight into your power amp. Also great for use with headphone systems if you sit far from your amp. Condition is excellent, I'd rate it conservatively 8/10 on audiogon scale.


Some highlights:

1. Discrete Ladder DAC. 

2. Battery powered.

3. Downloadable Filters (bottom of this page:


If you haven't experienced a discrete ladder DAC, this is the most cost efficient way to try one. A big upgrade for Benchmark, Lavry, and Stello DAC owners. Feel free to PM me for details.


More details:


(ART Legato has been sold)


$1650 + shipping. No PayPal fees if sent as gift.


Thanks for looking!

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Would also be interested in trading for Grado PS1.

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Legato sold. Price dropped on the MSB.

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Hi, I'm a newcomer here, but you can check my feedback on audiogon or : username is the same, "brillantcorbeau". 


Having it heard once on a friend's (overkill) system, it's a wonderful DAC. Unfortunately, I live in Paris. Would you consider shipment to France ? I would pay, of course, every penny of it, even make the necessary arrangements. I think i have a verified paypal adress, if not i can arrange that too. Also, I pay very very fast... 


The only condition would be a low declared price for the customs. (I know, i would have to buy a 230 V charger, no problem). 


Thank you for your time, 


(The ad was on audiogon till yesterday, suddenly disappeared...) 


P.S How old is the unit ? Are the batteries still good ? 



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Closing listing.

Originally Posted by I_quadius View Post

This is the same unit that was on the "gon" for you're asking $1650?

You mean the unit that is on auction with 7 days left... yeah that is an accurate reflection of this DAC's fair value. rolleyes.gif


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Dear Some:

Is the Power DAC still available? How much is the price now?

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