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For Sale: Audio Technica W1000X

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For Sale:
Audio Technica W1000X

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm putting these Audio Technica W1000Xs on sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them and I still enjoy them from time to time, but I just need to raise some cash to fund some recent purchases.


They have slight internal mods which tighten up the sound that are reversible (I'll reverse them if you want). See this link: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/544507/ath-w1000x-mods


I have the original box.


Paypal add 2% and shipping is extra. Local pickup is good too.




No trades please.



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I can't buy anything right now.  mad.gif  


Hopefully I can get your help on the mod you did to your W1000X someday...


When I need <closed, big phones>, yours are the ones I want.  


Seriously comfy too.

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Cee Tee: Yeah I really hate to get rid of them since I do love their sound and how purdy they are - but I need to scrap some cash together - the BHSE build seems to be on schedule. I'll help you on the mods whenever you get them one day.

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