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Good set of headphones for me?

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Hey, I stopped using headphones 5 years ago cause I had a problem where my ear would always hurt inside afterwards, I've no idea what caused it but it started after I started using ipod earbudds, I went to doctors they didn't find anything wrong so I just switched to speakers and havent used headphones since. I think it might've been the pressure of the headphones or no air was getting to my ears cause when I go deep underwater my ears hurt too.

I recently moved into a apartment and I can't use my speakers (I'm going to be here for a while) so I'm looking for a good lightweight set of headphones that won't put too much pressure on my ears and will breathe (I don't know alot about headphones so my specifications might sound strange)


Right now I have the Swan MK II's speakers they were like 150$ each speaker, I'm hoping to only spend around 100-150$ and get a good headphone set though, or less if possible! What do you guys reccomend?

I mainly listen to power/folk/neoclassical metal but I care about the mids and highs the most. 

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Sennheiser 558 should be good, might even get a pair of 598s in the used section, either one would suit I think

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If you want something to really last you awhile, you might as well go for the HD598, it's a real upgrade from the HD558 from what I understand, unlike the HD555-HD595.  I have the HD595, anyway, and it's great for classical music.  It's definitely better in the mid-to-higher regions than the bass, and I'd imagine the HD558/598 will be similar in that regard.

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