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^ That sounds really good.


Last night I finally tried some of the Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce that I ordered from Amazon, it came in the other day. First I touched a drop from my finger to my tongue, it was about as hot as I could reasonably want to directly sample at 655,000 Scoville Units (for reference original red Tabasco sauce is between 2,500 and 5,000 SU), pretty thrilling. Then I dumped a tablespoon or so into my Tabasco brand ketchup that was mostly full to kick it up a notch, shook it pretty well (I think), and seasoned an egg/potato/broccoli/cheese dish (garnished with roasted onions and fresh cilantro) with it, using a little less than I normally would with the Tabasco ketchup. I put three drops of the pure Dave's stuff on top of that just for kicks.


I really like the flavor of this stuff, and the heat is amazing. You really know it's on your tongue but it's not so unbearable that it burns(I am not into self-inflicted pain). It even has a sweet/smoky thing going on, kind of fruity with some mild garlic overtones. Next time I will forgo the three drops of the pure stuff so I can judge how much I actually I tweaked that ketchup. I had a good cleansing sweat (just my face) for a few minutes afterwords, highly recommended (if you like that kind of thing of course)!


It's about the hottest thing that I've tried to date with the exception of the infinitely-aged homemade chili vinegar infusion from my days in Puerto Rico that I referred to earlier in this thread (but of course without a DBT who knows wink.gif).


Edit: I just tried the "enhanced" Tabasco ketchup on a taco tonight and I didn't turn it into a "real hot" sauce, the addition of the Dave's sauce did add a nice level of complexity though. The sweats I experienced the other night were definitely from the four drops of straight Dave's that I had.

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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post

I always liked the flavor of sriracha.


Me too.  Srirach provides that perfect mix of pepper and garlic in their sauce.  I use it to mix into my mayonaise when I make my sammiches.   I also use it when I go out and eat Pho.  Nothing like warming yourself up with the sauce on a colder winter day.


California Tortilla has a great selection of hot sauces that you can try and use with your meal.  They also sell at least 1/2 of the sauces they have available for you to use - which appears to be greater than 50 bottles.  Also, Firehouse Subs has an assortment of hot sauces - though, not as great in number as California Tortilla.


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My current favorite: Tropical Pepper Company XXXXTra Hot Habanero (I go through a lot of this stuff)




Plenty of heat, but also packs a lot of flavor.

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I like asian sauces, like HOI SIN sauce that's served with peking duck, and also CHAR SIU sauce that's used with pork in Chinese recipes.


Once I was dieting and "drank" a whole jar of Char Siu sauce.

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