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I use the t70p with ODAC and the O2 (battery driver version) amp. It is well-known to handle low-impedance headphones admirably. With this setup I feel I get a very involving listening experience with classics as well as metal  :) Lacks nothing to me.  Instrumentation placements are well defined and vocals are very smooth and enticing.


I have had the t70p only some days now, but the sound really gets more and more inviting. "Brain burn-in" I guess.


I have an E10 as well, which I compared with and quickly put aside. The bass was weak and bloated and the vocie and treble seems shrieky. It must have been impedance shifting in the E10 amp I guess.


Anyway, I am really happy with these phones. I recommend them strongly!



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Question for T70 owners, I'm looking at purchasing the T70 used, but the person says the letters on the cups are missing... Are they stickers or something? Or does this just scream counterfeit? 

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Sounds a bit strange...

those silver letters are a bit raised, might be glued on or be some kind of stickers. But loosing all of them on both sides? What did the seller do with that headphone? Even if its not counterfeit (I don't think there are copies of T70, but who knows) I'd think the treatment might not have been good, so they might be in bad shape overall...

How old are they? Is there a receipt? Where did he buy them? Ask for closeup photos and post them here...

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One of the letters on my t70p fell off after a serios hit. A car tyre fell on them ... But the phones were still intact. Strong quality

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