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Easy. Sennheiser HD598

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how would the AKG K601 do in this regard since the 701 and 501 are highly regarded?

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I've yet to find a flaw with the Sennheiser HD600 w/ classical music (provided its amped, of course). I use it almost exclusively with classical and have been very impressed. It has great detail across the frequency range without being analytical and has a nice warmth that is appropriate to classical music without every being thick or syrupy. Baroque is clear and precise without being sterile; romantic is lush without being too warm. It's a classic that is recommended often in the under $400 price range. In addition to being recommended many times in many threads here on classical music, Mike from Headfonia and Steve Guttenburg both recommended the HD600 went I emailed them looking for a headphone primarily for classical.

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I love my DT880 600ohm + valve amp for classical. Not so much for the soundstage (if you are especially interested in the soundstage aspect of classical music you should be looking at speakers really) but rather for the impressive dynamic range (if the recording is good), the attack and the detail, especially in the woodwinds and strings. 

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K-702, K-1000. For both of them you'll need some nice hps amp.

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The HD-800 for orchestral and opera although also great for chamber and solo instruments, specially piano. The HD-600 if money is an issue.

Listen to a well recorded Decca or Reference Recordings of an orchestral ball-buster (ie: Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, Respighi, Ravel, etc.) and you'll need a diaper. With the HD-800, you are in the hall sitting in the best seat in the house.

x2 on the HD800. The big soundstage is perfect for classical orchestra, but it also sounds amazing on Stephen Isserlis's version of Bach's Cello sonatas.

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how's the ER4s compare to the big boys of classical??

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I found my 650's perfect for classical.. A good source is important to make them sing. 

650s work for me.


I also like my '03 880's because they play in a larger space than the 650s.


The trade off is accurate tone reproduction Vs larger and deeper sound stage.  <--- my opinion

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