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For Sale or Trade: SR225 For Sale

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For Sale or Trade:
SR225 For Sale

Will Trade For: Anything
Will Ship To: US


I bought these SR225 off of a previous generous head-fi member and they have been hardly used. I need the money right now and I don't have the time to listen to these remarkable headphones; So in hope of selling these, I hope to find someone who will love them and give them a new home and use them to their full potential.


I'm selling these headphones for 160 including shipping or best offer.

If you have anything you'd like to trade feel free to PM me up!


The headphones are completely fine and everything works, they are small signs of wear on the lettering, but besides that, everything is perfect  and in contact.



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Bump price is lowered to 140

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bump for some AWESOME headphones. if you're looking to try grado, this is the sweet spot!

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bump just edited the pricetag*

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Just wanted to say this is an amazing price. Wish I had some extra money right about now. :P
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Good price. Good luck on sale.

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It won't let me PM right now.

However, I thought I should ask whether these are still for sale. This really is a great price, and I'd be interested if they were available.

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