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You also left some sort of a piece of foam in there, that may or may not cause a decrease in sound quality. I know that in an open pair of cans such as the 555, foam there = no good. Maybe its different in a closed pair where it could reduce THD. Also, the "dirty minds" or in general references to "dirty", are a bit of a misnomer, idk about anyone else, but when I hear those terms I think "immature teenagers".

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Sounds like XB500 would possibly benefit more from this if it adds a touch more subbass as unEQ'd I'd find that welcome and ofc add more mids and highs which is also needed. I'm not willing to take the chance and do it on my current XB500 as I'm so satisfied with it as it sounds like after some EQing but I'm still curious about trying the mod though, might have to order another XB500 to try the mod on, lol. Any1 tried it on their XB500 yet? Removing foam usually makes a huge difference in audio but when it's behind the driver the difference is probably smaller though. 


What about soundstage? Does it make it sound even airier? By doing this it would be even more open and probably leak a bit more.

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ok... these are not at sennheiser levels.... i compared a/b abut three hours in last few days... they do not catch the details that sennheiser catch.... 


but it imbudes the sound really well


now, for that foam, i do not really recomend removing it.... i remvoed it from one driver, and it does not sound better, by any comparasion....

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So I did it, thankfully I didn't Break anything and even if I've got ppl and a little experience fixing laptops, so I could easily re-sodder what ever wire I broke! Sadly though I removed that Foam Film... so there's at least two of us without it. My assumption is that is helps keep dust out of the Driver... now that I have removed it I'm going to need to check up on it every now and then [Although I keep em in my Dust Proof Bag usually so >.>


And yes Bass is improved, I'm listening to Nu:Tone Deep Old [Which is already Sub Bass glorious] and well I'm at a loss :D


Wow my third time editing this post, the mod really helps you rediscover your why you bought these. B4 mod dirty'r Dub-Step [like The Others] wasn't really great for me... after wards... it's a noticeable improvement. The bass is more aggressive, a little tighter imo so definitely worth it!


Either way great easy [beginners] mod!


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I just did this but I also removed the film in the middle. I'm testing it out right now and to me it sounds like the bass impact is slightly improved and the mid and treble regions have slighty improved. It also gives it a bigger sound stage which is nice. it doesnt make a world of difference but its a decent mod

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Did this mod and I am liking what I hear.Can feel sub-bass more and highs and soundstage definitely improved. This headphone sounds better than before.
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