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Originally Posted by kingice10 View Post
As I read some of the posts in this forum, even the top reviews of |joker| or ClieOS does not have consensus on the individual. IMO It should be the individual deciding headphone for his/her own ear.

The most important thing for a reader to remember when reading any sort of written review or impression. Nonetheless, we should be thankful that someone was willing to commit their money and effort to writing a comparative impression of most of the top-tier IEMs. Even if it seems remotely useful to the OP's listening taste, I am sure there are others that hear things like the OP and those people will find his comparative write ups to be useful.


Not everyone is capable or willing to invest that much money into IEMs (even if he is selling them off now). Additionally, even if there are people that are capable of investing that much, I am sure not every one of those people will want to spend their time writing up a comparison write-up.


One way or another, what i2ehan did in this thread is a good contribution to Head-Fi.

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My .02

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Originally Posted by cliffroyroycole View Post

Not saying it wasn't a contribution, but in all honesty, he first says he spent all this time listening, but he then admits he really didn't. That should count for something relative to credibility in terms of accurately reflecting even his own views of the individual IEMs. Also, many HFers have bought and tried a lot of IEMs in their search for the Holy Grail over the years, though they didn't do it all at once. And many of those folks post their impressions along the way. No one is looking for consensus (yes, even Joker and ClieOS reviews are not always the final word). But to me, the gap in actual listening time and initial reported listening time means something.

In all honesty, I never said I spent all this time listening, and actually didn't. I spent as much time as I deemed necessary in order to decide which IEM is best fit for my ears. For you to relate that to my initial impressions, and deem them inaccurate is inaccurate in and of itself. Take what you will from what I've written, but I was sincere in my apology, and if you aren't willing to accept it, no one is forcing you to read from anything I've written my friend. I've made my apology clear and open to everyone, and have no hesitation in doing so. My impressions do reflect my own personal views of the individual IEM's, whether you choose to believe it or not. I chose to buy them all at once because IMO, it's very tough to A/B earphones based solely on memory. Simple as that. I don't even see why that's mentioned to be quite honest. I fully understand that my statement was obviously a complete misuse of exagerration on my part, but it's clear to me that an apology simply isn't enough for you. I'm sorry to say, but no one here is forcing you to agree with anything I've written. I've made my apology upfront to all the readers. Whether you agree or disagree with what I've written based on my time spent is up to you, and I respect that. But I've done my part, and I'll leave it at that.

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I've kindly requested that a moderator close this thread, as it seems to be causing more harm than good. If I haven't already stressed it enough, I apologize yet again. Make of it whatever you will, I know my intentions, and I was only trying to contribute to this wonderful forum. Till next time... adios my friends. All the best.

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Come on people make mistakes and TS has already admit it and apologize for it. Is there anything else to clarify? There is no need to keep repeating/spend pages over pages/rubbing salt into others wound. Let's move on please.


Personally I still feel that this has been a good informative thread for me. In fact for those audiophiles that are looking into their holy grail IEM, the journey will never end as there is always better product popping out in the market (or better publicized product).

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I actually like this thread and don't think it should be closed just because one user got all butthurt over the OP exaggerating how long he spent listening to each IEM...not many threads have such detailed A/B comparisons among such a great number of top-tier IEMs, regardless of how scientific the testing may have been.  It would be a shame to see this one closed.

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