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E-MU 0204 on Linux: working!

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I've just got today the DAC E-MU 0204 USB and I can happily tell that it works on Linux (using the Arch Linux distro myself)


It was not automatic, though. I got the last alsa git repositories (kmirror and drivers) and had to recompile. If somebody is interested I will write a mini installation how-to.


Now listening to music using my new (and first!) DAC :D Rediscovering sound..... AMAZING



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I'm also looking for some usb solution for linux.

Does the alsa driver automatically adjust sampling rate to the material being played ?
Are you able to play hi-res (i.e. 24bit/192kHz) files bit-perfect with E-MU 0204 ?

Would you please be so kind to post results of this command :

aplay -v -D plughw:0,0  some_hires_file.wav

(of course replace device name and filename with right values).

Thanks in advance.

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Very unfortunately, my hard disk with Linux died last week. I got a mac and cannot try that command now. Furthermore, I'm surrounded by mac, windows, and solaris users, but not Linux ones... I may install Linux on my new mac and then I will try that.


I cannot confirm this, but I don't think it can sample at 192kHz, for even the official drivers for mac currently do not support that. Only for Windows so far.


As an inexperienced audiophile, I couldn't detect in any case any sampling problem. I played music both at 44.1 and 88.2 (supposedly supported)



I hope I could bring some help

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Hi , Man!! Please write here  -  how you was runing your e-mu on linux  (now i'm setup Mint 13), step by step, if this not hard!smile.gif

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