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You should post about the A1 Sorrodje, it's especially useful as you have comparisons against other ladder dacs like the metrum. Maybe just link to the original post.
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The  A1 is discontinued and somewhat rare so I've my doubt about the usefulness of any impressions but i'll give some when my opinion will be stabilized. 

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Forgot about that important point :confused_face:... Vincent should do something about this, the D1-single is still quite a bit more expensive than the A1 was I recall.

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Hi Arnaud,


I'm glad you are enjoying your D1-dual.  I love mine and have only heard the MSB stack sound as good, though I never had them for a head-head comparison.

I could easily live with either.


Can you share any thoughts on the totaldac usb cable/filter?  I'm thinking about giving that a try.


Are the cherry trees blooming in Ueno park yet?

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