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I just bought and tried my K701's, and this is coming from a guy who's been listening ONLY westone earphones for the past 6 months.


I'm running on cheap xonar dg soundcard with amp, listening to classical (erik satie), stuff like audio machine and two steps from hell and phillip glass and vanessa mae, and some kpop songs.


The bass is sufficient, well defined and definitely enough. There is very slightly more bass than my westone 2's, which has a midbass hump. The K701's also have a midbass hump, but its a bit lower and in larger quantity.


The bass is detailed, and the sound signature is neutral and not as annoying as westone ones. However somehow it feels that my westone 2's have a treble that extends a little bit further. The soundstage is also massive as well, and there is no indication of any instruments coming from the back, which is very good. I've noticed one thing however. Vocals feel kind of slightly recessed and cymbals in music feel kind of pronounced.



EDIT: Oops, I'm on the wrong forum, can someone move this to the headphone one please? Thanks.

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