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hey so im looking for new headphones since my skullcnadies inkd broke and now im stuck with the apple ones =-(, btw those are the only 2 headphones ive ever owned so i dont know much about this, i loved the skullcandies though,i mostly listen to Children of bodom, metallica, messhugah, iron maiden, august burns red, as blood runs black, pantera, across the sun, after the burial etc... you get it jajaj all types of metal and well ive read alot of comments in here and found the Klipsch - Image S4,<span id="btAsinTitle" style="">Brainwavz M2</span>, were great for this type of music but i dont know, so what you guys think and for sound well i dont know i guess i like a little bit of everything i cant really tell much specifics about audio, just that i want good sounding headphones XD i can spend 50 bucks a little more wouldnt kill me if its worth the extra money, just a little though jajaj.