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Sweat-proofing PortaPro cushions

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I love these Koss PortaPro headphones, but since I use it for workouts it gets exposed to a lot of sweat.  I haven't had problems with sweat interfering with the drivers/sound(unlike my MEE M6, UE 700s and SF5v2), but the cushions just suck up all the sweat and gets soaked.  I try to wring them out whenever possible, etc. but it's at the point where the ear cushions have discolored(they're reddish now).  Luckily they do not smell like my gym bag, lol.


Can anyone suggest cushions that don't soak up sweat or just generally work better for workouts?  Any tips for keeping them dry?


Thanks, Kevin

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You can purchase replacement cushions



you can also on find them on Ebay 


Although not a solution for the sweat issue, but you will be able to always have a dry pair at hand while one pair is sitting out!

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I thought I'd bump this thread to see if anyone has any ideas.  I've already changed the pads a couple of times.

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Not much you can do for foam, they're designed that way. You can try switching to IEMs or earbuds instead. Or wrap the foams in saran wrap, but that's dumb.

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Thompson's water seal.  :)

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Wash them with soap and water periodically and buy replacements when that's not enough.  I use IEMs in the gym because it's too loud, but I use the Portapro or PX-100 while gardening or working around the house and the pads can get pretty bad.  Monday, after working outside all day with temps in the upper 90s, I didn't want to put on higher end headphones until after I took a shower.

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I used to use IEMs but they always end up falling out, sweat messes them up, etc.


Not actually trying to keep them specifically "water-proof", but rather something that will allow fluids/sweat to just flow through them or dry quick.  As of right now they just act like a wick.


I just saw these but not sure how well they work or if it can be modified to fit a Portpro:



Has anyone used those?

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One possible option is to use KSC-75s instead. They sound very similary to the portapro and since they are clip ons, they can be adjusted to not fit as tight, hence, the sweat may drain off rather than get soaked up. Just a thought.



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KSC75s have the same kind of foam, and it will just suck the sweat right up, so that's not a solution.

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