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Do I have a faulty/fake pair of m50 or is this ok? - Page 2

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I just contacted audio technica.  They informed me that no static should take place regardless of the source. If there is static its because a connector issue is taking place.  Since I was having distortion with my iphone, my pc, and my cd player they said it is most probably an issue with the headphones themselves and that I should return them or send them to audio technica for service.  

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Really...my E3 portable amp used to produce significant background static if I source from there.

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Well the connector problem can either be from the source or the output but its at the connector level.  So its possible that its just the e3 causing it.  I have similar issue with E5 as well.  however, I had a problem with these headphones with my CD player, my pc, my shuffle, my iphone...I cant imagine ALL of them being source problems (though its possible).

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Wait, you said at first you didn't have the static problem on your iPod, but with your computer.  Now you're saying you have it regardless?


And you didn't answer my question, do you have any of your frequency bars raised on an EQ in your iTunes?

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Most sources produce a background hissing noise when you crank up the volume, even the expensive ones. Onboard sound is especially notorious for that as all sorts of interference from other pc components get's in the way. Some low-end amplifiers always add a constant hissing noise at any listening level (like fiio e5).


Your M50s are faithfully reproducing what is given to them, nothing wrong with that. However you should not be hearing this noise at safe listening levels, if you are, then might have a problem somewhere in the source - amp - phones chain.


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Yeah I had not spent enough time with the ipod to recognize the static.  but its there.  Its a lot less than the pc, but its there.


Sorry about the eq-the eq were originally higher, but since you mentioned it I had brought it down to flat.  I still get static.  I also notice static with my shuffle.



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also, the static is present at normal volume-not even at high.  what irritates me is that I never had this problem with the image s4-even when I had the preamp and eq at the highest levels possible. I always do this to mess with the sound and see what the speakers/phones can handle.  I was surprised when the m50s started to hiss and have static.  They have it at normal volume too.

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Maybe it's your source files?  See if you get static with a clean file-- courtesy of a fellow head-fier and his own little binaural mixes.




Watch in 720p.

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