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After a few weeks of playing with RS1  I still think it sounds a little dark and it misses the spark lower grados have. SR60 seems much brighter, a little louder too but also extremely fatiguing. I could listen to RS1 for hours while half of hour with SR60 gives me headaches.

All in all a great sound, very detailed and voice reproduction is out of this world. While Sr60/ 80 can sometimes sound congested, RS1 never does.  But I still feel something is not right. I took my RS1 to a specialist hi-fi retailer, he had a play with them and he said HP are ok. After listening straight from an iPod.


I have done some research and there are other people out there reporting dark and fat sound with RS1i compared with RS1. I have the thick cable butonless RS1 which is in fact RS1i me reckons.


I didnt have the time to buy an amp yet, I will most probably go for Little Dot 1+ and MK1+. Would there be a possibility to brighten the sound a little by replacing the stock tubes? I would love to have same bass and mids, only with a little more sparkle.



PS: any RS1 veterans in London that would like to have a go with mine and give their opinion? Thanks for your help so far


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I do think an amp will make a difference that you will appreciate, and if you can find one in the for sale section, check out the Millett Hybrid Minimax (or the MOSFET Max). I thought they did a really good job at making the my Grado's sing :)

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Yes, by all means buy an amp for them if they're not sounding good to you as they are and welcome to the point of diminishing returns. evil_smiley.gif

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