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I can say for sure  I have an iPod Touch 4G and a Cowon J3...and the 67s sound significantly better on the Cowon with a slight tweak to the EQ...whereas I don't have that option on a Touch (even with the poor EQu).  The Cowons, as you say, can pretty much push any headphones and can correct many of the flaws.  So yeah...agreed.


Thanks - I appreciate the fix for my curiousity bump! The ear cavity thing makes sense to me too - think how much sleeve choice matters. And room shape and acoustic details - rugs, curtains, wall coverings - with speakers.


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I've actually had the FXC80's in the past also. The fit is better than most say it is, and I find them very comfortable either worn up or down. The problem is the sound. The treble is incredibly hot and fatiguing and EQ doesn't remedy that. These DO NOT respond well to any sort of EQ'ing, as doing so seriously distorts and ruins the sound. I got rid of them quite fast. Actually, I just snipped the cords off and use them as $30 earplugs now...


The FXC51 is definitely a step up from the marvelous FX67. But you MUST EQ them. FX67 wasn't required that you did so, but these, you need to. Not saying it sounds bad without one, but it's nowhere near as close as if you apply one. Cowon owners need to pick a pair of these up! I'll share with you my favorite EQ I've been using, and you can try it out for yourself to see if you like it. But anyway, incredibly impressive headphones in general.


Regarding the fit, they isolate MUCH better than the FX67, yet they are nearly on par with comfort. Impressive. I would say that have an even better fit than the FX67, making them not only the best fitting / most comfortable IEM I've worn, but also (mentioned before) the best sounding I've heard. Due to all this, I have never had the slightest itch to upgrade or try something different. My portable rig is set in stone, for good. I wish the same could be said for my desktop rig...

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That's exactly what I needed to know - thanks! It would be interesting to compare EQ settings with you and d25, then try each other's settings out.

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With my positive experience with the Air Cushion, I ended up buying the FXC51. I don't know much bout sound when compared to other brands of IEMs, but I'll say that JVC is the comfort king. The FXC51 is quite comfortable, not as comfortable as the Air Cushions and Marshmallows, but they do offer much better sound. The bass is slightly lower than the FX67, but I haven't played with the EQ much. The sound is somewhat analytical. I think we have another winner here from JVC.

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What are the best replacement sleeves when the originals go? Any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by scuttle View Post

That's exactly what I needed to know - thanks! It would be interesting to compare EQ settings with you and d25, then try each other's settings out.

I switch between a few of the BBE presets with my 67s...usually Viva and machbass depending on the mood or the music I'm listening too.


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Well, my 51s just got here here and they're not what I expected - for **me** they're more comfortable than the 67s and they sounded good with a flat EQ - better with fiddling, but good even without it. I am addicted to BBE and MP Enhance though, so this may have made a difference.


At the moment I'm playing around trying to EQ the Pixies - they're always a pain to get right - and then diving to another piece of music at random, to make sure I'm not creating a profile that's too Pixie-specific. I work by setting up 4 different custom profiles and then forgetting what each one does before flicking between them, so it's reasonably close to a blind trial.











...The profiles that have a dip at 220 and a slight boost to mid-range seem to be coming out ahead.

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Alright, now try this EQ:


80: 0

220: -2

780: +6

3K: +2

13K: -4


MP Enhance: (check)

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That's fairly close to one of the two profiles what I'd arrived at using my random/blind technique. Adjusting all my settings so we both start at 0, I have 0, -2, +4, +1, -1. MP (of course) is on - and BBE at 6. I call this profile "Wilco" because I evolved it playing their music (the late jazz influenced too-cool to be called progressive rock, not the The other goes -3, -1, 3, 2, 1 and evolved because the Wilco profile sounds too thin when I use it to play the Clash. Used for the Pixies, my current ultimate test, Clash sounds more exciting than Wilco but is definitely fatiguing. Pulling down the 3k and pushing up the middle seem to help, but I'll need time to forget which profile I set that way so I can do randomized test.



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Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to pick up a pair when I get the chance to test out.

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So I ended up grabbing a pair of these just to check out what the hubbub was about(although apparently, you all have moved on to the FX51's : P). My ear is not as developed as most of yours but **** the low end on this thing is overpowering without an equalizer adjustment. It almost sounded bloated. After tweaking it a bit, it does sound much better. However, I do think I prefer my M6 over the FX67. The FX67 is much more comfortable though.

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The bass is a bit boomy on the FX67, but the comfort is amazing

I want someone to do a review on the FXC51, this thing sounds amazing, but I get fatigued really fast due to the conventional IEM design.

this thing blows the Yuin PK2 in terms of detail, and I really love those.
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I just grabbed a pair.  I can't believe how much I like these.  I couldn't imagine something so cheap could sound this fun.  Yes it has some flaws in the sound but nothing to complain about to my ears.  I've spent hundreds of dollars on iems and can't believe I just came across these.  Definitely a hidden gem.

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Forgot I bought these, found them sitting on a shelf still in the packaging. D'oh!


Listening to them now(not burned-in) and am pleasantly surprised. Very comfy.

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Ah, I'm glad more and more of you are enjoying these.


I need to do a review on the FXC51. Problem is, it kinda is hard to do one on a custom EQ!


Both are my found, hidden gems. Don't plan on replacing either of them.

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