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Wanted: WTB: Shure SE535 (Canada)

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WTB: Shure SE535 (Canada)

Willing to Offer: 260.00 - 350.00

Looking to replace my beloved 530s with a pair of these. Must be in mint condition and original accessories and box appreciated. Contact me if you have a pair you're looking to unload. I'm on weak wifi at the moment, but will try to check in daily. Thanks for looking and best,



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I have a 2-months old, almost new SE535 that's been used less than 5 times, with everything including the box barely touched; however, your offer is far too low for an almost new SE535.

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I have a brand new sealed one I bought from an authorized dealer but really can't afford. My base price is $370 paypal gift/$380 regular paypal. Here are some shipping costs to Canada. (If you want to use regular paypal and not a gift, please choose express shipping.)

$36 Express (3-5 days)
$23 Priority (6-10 days)
$10 First Class (Postman said takes about the same time as priority.)

I can also get you costs if you want me to open the package and send just the iem/accessories/case. I imagine it would be a little cheaper.


PM me if you're interested.

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I don't understand. The current average retail price for the SE535 is around $499. Why such low price for almost brand-new SE535? If you simply want to get rid of it fast to get some money, that's a different story, but driving the price down that much is bad for the resell value of a fairly new product, as people will expect similar low price from now on for all 2nd hand SE535's, even if they are practically brand-new.

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Although the for sale forums are not a place for discussion, I feel I have to respond. (Moderator please delete at your discretion!)


As you can see from the receipt, I'm not driving the price of these down. The forum rules do not allow selling for a profit; if I were to ask more for this new pair, I'd be guilty of flipping them for a profit! I'm just trying to get back what I spent new for them!

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Mod, feel free to delete this as well. 


To reply to Lunatique's response:


I have a pair of SE535's for sale at $375, it's what the head-fi market will bear for a barely used pair of SE535's with packaging.  Go run a search and you'll see that the prices hover around $350-375 when a head-fier is trying to unload a practically new pair.   It sucks, but that's market will bear.

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Okay understood. I was just curious why so low since it's a relatively new product. I thought maybe imackler needed money fast and had to sell at a lower price. I guess I'll have to price mine accordingly too.

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