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I've had this pair of Shure e2cs for about 3 years now and they are crapping out.  The right monitor cuts in and out, sometimes just plays at half volume.  I assume it has a problem with the cable.  The rubber layer on the left one has also broken upon itself (see picture).  Would it be worth it to send it to Shure to have them repair it?  I've read it may cost $50 to do so... and I paid $40 for them 3 years ago.

If instead, I should buy new ones, what are some recommendations?  I'd like a pair that are durable for working out and running.

edit:  Figured I should also mention I use an ipod shuffle 2g and an fiio e5 amp for portable use.  I'd also like alternatives to be relatively cheap, durability and comfort being more important than sound quality.


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