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Questions about Fiio E16 (E7 + E9)

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Ive been doing a lot of research about amps and such to use with my Sennheiser HD598s.


I have heard the E7 and E9 together are pretty good for them.


Im wondering if my music that is downloaded from itunes would benefit from this amp? Or because it is not the highest quality the amp wont have a huge effect?


I be using a macbook pro thats a couple years old and soon a new macbook pro, is there anything I need to know or other equipment I need to buy?


I really hope to spend around $140 which makes the E16 a stretch, is there any other good options I should consider?


Im new to all of this so help is greatly appreciated.

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What, E16?  7 + 9 = 16?  The E16 doesn't exist, btw. :P


Also, you'll probably notice that the E7 would give you better sound quality than the headphone output on your MBP.  However, I don't think the E9 would be necessary for your HD598s since they're relatively easy to drive.

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E7 needs 60% volume to drive 598s to fairly loud. My CMs...use 8/60 to drive to the same volume :P

I think he meant the E17

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Sorry guys I saw a lot of people referring to the e7+e9 as the e16.


Anyway ya I was wondering why you need the e7 AND the e9.


I was also wondering if the quality of my music will defeat the purpose of the amp. Ive heard itunes music isnt that much worse quality than cds.

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Well, personally, I'd recommend you just get the E7.  I don't think the E9 is necessary for the HD598.  But it is cheaper to get a combo, though I'm just not sure if it's worth the extra money.


iTunes plus songs aren't bad.  256kbps AAC is quite transparent, only true audiophiles with high-end gear could tell the difference.  Though some would likely be able to tell the difference with an E7 + HD598, most cannot.  Especially if you have no point of reference.  It should be fine.

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Ok thanks for the info about itunes songs i was gonna be pretty ticked off if i bought a bunch of equipment for no reason.


I was also wondering how the combo works.  And if I am only getting the e7, would i be better off just getting the e11?


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Listening from the computer, you'll need a DAC, which is what the E7 is for. If you get E11 you can only connect to it by your computer's headphone jack, which will actually make the sound worse.

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Oh ok i see thanks for all the info so far youve been a lot of help:) no more questions right now but i sure there will be soon thanks again!

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