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ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod - Page 51

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I ended up just spending the extra $10 to get the X version with removable cable. Even though they are still proprietary cables, the 4ft option is nice.

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Originally Posted by bbieringer View Post

... Even though they are still proprietary cables...


Not really.  Sennheiser's using the exact same 2.5mm locking connector with a number of their current headphones.

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I've got a couple of those locking 2.5mm conenctors in my parts drawer as we speak. 
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Hello Head-fi, long time lurker here. I did this mod to my beloved ath m50 and after a long battle with the wires on the driver I made the maybe stupid desicion of desoldering them completely. I then soldered on some old speaker wires and it worked, to my surprise. But the problem now is I've noticed a significant drop in quality and loudness in my headphones. Could this be on which aux cable I'm using? I've used a 2 m HAMA Aluline cable, a even the cable that came with my newly bought Sony mdr-1a (120 usd in Sweden, couldn't pass on that). This was also my first time soldering, so I don't know if I ******* up something in there. Do the headphones also need to be burned in again after this mod?
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No, you messed something up while soldering man. There is good news though, Audio Technica sells those drivers for like $12 (USD).

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