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ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod - Page 40

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Yeah I know, it will add time to the job though, making it take longer than "10 minutes", and most of the time, it still isn't easy to solder.

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Would a regular lighter work to remove enamel? I've never soldered before.

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Originally Posted by dmai1994 View Post

Would a regular lighter work to remove enamel? I've never soldered before.


I wouldn't recommend it.

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Do you have a link for something I could buy?

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I find the stock cable to be heavier than I like. I also prefer the feel of paracord sleeving. Additionally, being able to change cables for portable use and home use is a nice benefit of adding a jack. Adding a jack really isn't that lengthy of a process, and the added benefits are worth the additional time, IMO. 


If you really want a fast fix for the long cable, then you can just braid it. It was a nice quick fix and took less than 10 minutes when I wanted to convert my pair to portable before adding a jack. 

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Here is my "mod":


I used this Jack:

Great Jack, worldwide shipping, but you need to "damage" your driver frame to get it in (this does not affect the sound).
Aslo the seller sent me 3 of em' despite I payed for 1 only...


More one thing I want to mention, the pads im using is the HM5 pads, with the sponge of the original pads underneath.
This makes the sound more "bass heavy", the headphones looks better, its more comfortable, and I prefer it. (without the original sponge underneath the trebel is a bit painful...
You need to use some force to get it on, but when you manage to succes, this is perfect, and seal great!
I bought them from here: (this is one earpad only so you need to order two)


Good Luck!

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That looks good bugo, what do you mean you when you say the sponge underneath? Do you cut it off from the old pads and glue them on?

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Yep, I cut it off from the old pad, and just put it underneath the hm5 pad (between the pad and the driver)... (without a glue)
I would upload a picture but headfi not letting me...

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You have to post 10 times before you can upload pictures I believe.

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Oh, OK...

Now it deleted my post after I edited it :mad:! hope it will come back, because when I posted it first it disappeared and then suddenly appeared a day after... wierd!


BTW your mods are spectacular!

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I wonder what the m-50X looks like inside...

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Probably the same as the M50 but with the 3.5mm chassis hole. 

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