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Depending on the mini xlr jack, you'll likely have to drill out the hole on the cup to fit. Lots of 3.5 options that fit well without modification.
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I would do xlr because Rean Tiny XLR connectors have chuck strain relief. Just keep these OD dimensions in mind.


  1. Black chuck: O.D. 2.0 - 3.5 mm Blue chuck: O.D. 3.0 - 4.5 mm 

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Im looking at getting these two Mini XLR parts:






Now I just need to find the size of the jack, doesn't seem like the website says it though.  

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Originally Posted by Echochrome4 View Post

Im looking at getting these two Mini XLR parts:






Now I just need to find the size of the jack, doesn't seem like the website says it though.  

Meh, IMO if youre going to go mini-XLR for this mod, get a black and name brand quality one: LINK The datasheet there should be the same for the one your looking at too.

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Originally Posted by davidwyl View Post

Ask you need is these 2:

the 3.5mm jack plug with locking mechanism come with a black rubber tension release, im not happy with that. So i got this http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/140584282253?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 and swap the rubber with the metal spring.
look much nicer, and matching with the other end of the athm50 cable.

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Here is a US distributor for what appears to be the same locking stereo jacks and plugs:




This is the panel mount locking jack:



And this this the locking plug:




Here is an eBay seller with the locking plug, but they don't have the jack:



And another potential source for the spring style strain relief:



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What aux cable are people using after completing this mod?

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Aux cable?

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Think he means what 3.5mm are they using.

Some people reterminate the stock cable with a new plug. Alternatively, some buy or make new cables. All comes down to preference.

I did it so I could make a shorter/lighter cable for it.
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Lol, sorry if i was not using the correct "head-fi" terminology. :D 

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We all use the words with our own meanings attached. You should see some of the arguments that get started over what the "true" definition of certain audiophile descriptive words mean.

It gets pretty brutal and hilarious watching people argue over what terms like "laid back" mean. When the answer is that people assign their own meanings based on their individual experiences.

On a side note, I still think I'd rather do this mod on a Pair of M50s instead of getting the M50x models.
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Agreed, but lets put this into perspective.


It's not at all a bad option for non DIY-ers. You can currently buy the M50's on amazon for $130 and the M50x's for $170 when they are released. After all equipment needed to do the mod it's probably a $20 difference. For the last $20 you are being assured a great pair of headphones (assuming the X's are pretty much the same as the standard minus the removable cable.) with no possibility for mistakes. Also, you are not voiding your warranty in case of any damages. However, I got my M50's for $100 so no question that I will be modifying mine. 

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The M-50's are pretty easy to work on if you ditch the terrible enameled reenforced wire. 

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Considering fully rewiring my pair just for the lawlz.
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I'm thinking I should do a detachable mod on my T70 headphones, though I'd probably just used a Lemo connector from work. They are sexy.

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Has anyone tried to plug a Bluetooth receiver in theirs post modding? If so how is the quality / volume? I was thinking about getting something like 


that and sticking it to the side of the headphones; but I'm hesitating because I don't know what the sound will be like.

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