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Post pictures when your done! and let us know how you like it. I've been thinking of converting my 3.5mm mod to xlr because of the locking feature. I find myself constantly tugging on it ever now  when i'm walking causing me to lose audio in one ear.

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I plan to do mod mh HD 518. Can some one help me with stereo jack? I could find small chasis ones only in ebay. Which one would you suggest?

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Oh god. I bought the parts from Newark and did the mod today. I am pretty good at DIY but no matter what I did I couldn't get the solder to turn bright silver. I ended up trying to resolder so many times that I melted the plastic behind the flat connectors and even broke a piece off. I got it all hooked up and it seems to not sound any different...

Good mod and all, I just don't understand.
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I have done it last night and i'm having a hard time closing back the left cup, I wonder what's keeping it up, I have checked everything, melted the holder of the driver but its still opening, I have tried removing the round foam and it fits very well, maybe its because of the wires. However, I put back the foam :D

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Looks good, jmwreck. I am not sure whether to use a Mini XLR or 3.5mm. XLR provides a secure connection that won't fall out and hopefully I won't have to cut or melt anything, but the 3.5mm is obviously compatible with more things.

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You intend to make the M50's cable multi-purpose or what?  k701smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

You intend to make the M50's cable multi-purpose or what?  k701smile.gif

No, just make it so the headphone itself is compatible with more cables and devices. tongue_smile.gif

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How did the soldering go for all of you.... The wires to the right speaker that is...not the connector.

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Hi guys,


I just did this mod on my M50s... it was damn fiddly but I got there! Australian guys, you can get the Lumburg jack from:


It's out of stock until March 2013 :P


So the jack that I got was this one from Jaycar:



It works well! It's spring loaded so it grips tightly, doesn't crackle and fits nicely inside the enclosure. Make sure you mount it so the thinest part is facing you so that it sticks out of the hole as much as possible to give the nut something to grip on. Like the other sockets, you'll have to snip away some plastic to make room.


M50s with the v-moda cable and remote is amazing! Such a good fit and it looks awesome! Beats guys suck it!


edit: Everyone do yourself a favour and unsolder the original wires and use standard grade wire with no nylon. No stripping / messing around required...

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Thanks for the info. Do you have any pictures of it? I know there are a lot of others, but I'd be interested to see yours.

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Yeah I am really interested to see some pictures of the re-soldering of the wires to the speaker.
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Just finished this mod with radioshack 3.5mm jack.
I just had to remove one plastic column inside the headphone. It was very simple and I recommend this part. Just be careful not to pull and snap the cable because that's what I did and I had a hell of time trying to figure out why my right channel was not working. I ended up just wiring right channel wire to right channel wire from the jack.

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Hey guys , I think I wanna Mod my M50 to be detachable cables .So, all i need is these things right :-

# Solder / Solder Sucker / Solder Welding 30W / small screw driver 
Is there any particular type of any item above that i need to know?


By the way , I'm not sure about the chassis and the cable that would replace its original ones (preferably coiled ) ! So, can suggest or give me link ? 

How did you guys cut the hole for the chassis and stripping the wire? 


# I live in Malaysia .So , most product wont be available in my country and one more thing , I'm only 15 and I need guidance for modding my M50!

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This may have been asked already... but is there a quality difference I should be looking for in the female jack?

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Bumps , still having the same prob

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