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Thanks for the reply! it really helped! But i'm still confused ( that might be because i'm only 13 eek.gif) do you think i should just go to an electrician and pay them to do it? and how much do you think it's going to cost?

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Yes, that or have your parents help. Still, at 13 nothing was going to stop me from opening things up to see how they work. So take it from me, if you don't want to experience the feeling of knowing you just ruined your awesome, brand new, $150 headphones do not do it yourself.
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Cheers! I will just go to an electrician to mod it for me cause i don't want to ruin my own headphones. any idea on how much it would cost for them to mod it for me?beerchug.gif

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Not a clue. Good luck though
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1 last question deadhorse.gif what pads are the best for the ath m50 or should i just use the socks mod?

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see, i already have one thats about 6 feet... thats why i mentioned the 3 foot length. Thanks anyway though

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Originally Posted by Fabie37 View Post

what parts do i solder to other parts, what parts do i cut? can someone please show me a picture of there headphones that have the mod, the inside of it pleaseconfused_face(1).gif


Reading is doing this mod! smily_headphones1.gif You should buy a cheap pair of over-the-ear headphones and try it. It's fun and you can do it!


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thanks for the Encouragement,determinedd jecklinsmile.gif

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i was looking at AKG K518 K81 mod / 



and i got lost at part 5 and there forth 

what wire is to be cut or do i have to cut all of them?

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Can someone help me out,  I have attempted this mod and now I'm not hearing anything in my headphones.  Im using the chassis

my interconnect cable works, so im guessing it has to do with what i did to the headphones.  If other picutes are needed or more information is need, I'll try the best I can. Hopefully its not that bad, I can't afford to buy another pair, still a highschool student...well Thanks in advance.


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Originally Posted by RzN036 View Post

Can someone help me out...

Did you verify you could hear audio before you soldered the wires? Based on the chassis design, I am led to assume the green (left audio) and black (ground) are reversed. You could simply desolder and test again. I left an audio source plugged in as I modded to make sure everything was still working. HTH.

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Maybe there is still some enamel on the wires?

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I think there was still enamel on the wires, but I was able to get the solder on.  I just finished it mod.  The problem was the red and green wires on the back of the left headphone speaker was disconnecting.  So i just needed to strip it a bit and resolder it to the back of the headphones.  Thanks determinedd and Yoga Flame.  but the left headphone sounds kinda less powerful or good as before, but maybe im just crazy,  Imma have my brother and my friends try them since they have better hearing.  Well thanks for the help and the guides everyone.

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For the replacement cable, if i get a cheap cable on ebay such as this one :


will there be a noticeable difference in sound quality or not.


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