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best iem for 100 bucks?

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whats the best iem for 100, for listening to 80,s 90,s rock i like nice bass but not bloated

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Shure SE215

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RE0 or RE-Zero from Head-Direct might be something you should look into. I think the RE-Zero would suit you for $104 shipped. RE0 is $84 shipped and IMO sounds better than the RE-Zero but lacks a bit in bass without amping.

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The RE0 are a good choice and if you don't mind used IEM's the for sale forum has some pretty good deals on products that are normally outside your price range.

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Another vote for the RE0. I also like the Meelec. CC51's.

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I'll throw in my vote for the Phonak Perfect Bass 012. From what I've heard, they have great high and mid extension without being fatiguing and enough bass to suit most anyone (except bass-heads, of course.) I have the PFE 112 w/ the green filters (which is the same thing, from what I've been hearing), so if there are any questions about the Perfect Basses I would be happy to oblige.

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Another vote for Phonak Perfect Bass, but get the grey filters.  They make this phone.  IMHO

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The bass may be a little bloated for your taste, but I love the Sennheiser IE7. If you can find one used, I'd consider it. It is fantastic at rock.

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Another satisfied RE0 owner here. I use mine with stretched Shure olive tips.

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quite happy with me SE215

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Still possible to get the HJE900s for around $100? Worth considering, especially if you want a bombproof pair of IEMs. They even have detachable/replaceable cords. I subject my IEMs to some abuse, so these factors play a big role in my decision making process. That said, I wouldn't have them if they didn't sound great. 

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I would consider the refurbished Monster Turbines from the Monster Outlet store for about half of your stated price.

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Refurbished Turbines or Shure 215, both are good.

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215's are great from my experience. Perfect Bass also sounds like it's a great headphone (getting mine tomorrow!).

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