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BitPerfect 1.0.3 has been released to the App Store. This version includes new features for volume adjustment and managing of the iTunes comments.


  • Add volume adjustment iTunes comment  (see Manual for details).
  • Respect iTunes track start/stop times.
  • Allow device volume adjustments when not playing.
  • Add option to globally apply'fixedindexing' comment.
  • Add option to globally apply 'invertpolarity' comment.
  • Disable playback of CDs in BitPerfect.
  • Fix clicking noises during Integer Mode playback for certain DACs.
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Some more nice updates!

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Would it be possible to get an option in BitPerfect to lock the volume at 0.0 dB? I use the keyboard volume control to change the iMac's built-in speaker audio volume, but it also changes BitPerfect's volume output which I would rather have stay at 0.0 dB since I'm using an external amp for volume control. I always have to check BitPerfect's volume before playing some music and it would be great to know it's locked at full volume.

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I've had all of the versions of BitPerfect, and never had any of the problems mentioned by some in this forum until now.  The latest version, 1.03, is behaving oddly.  It seems like tracks are cutting off 3 or 4 seconds from the end.  Sometimes this just means no silence between tracks, or if there is a fadeout, it ends early and abruptly.  


Then, there will usually be a tiny, soft tick or pop, and the next track will start at the beginning.  This is happening with all my music, whether 44.1/16, 96/24, etc.  No glitches during the playing of any tracks; only the slightly early end, a tick or two, and then the next one starts with no gap in between (Yes, I have always had Sound Check disabled, of course).


I'm using a Mac Mini which is dedicated as a music player, so everything else is disabled, turned off, etc.  I'm feeding a W4S DAC2 via USB.  I have all of the BitPerfect manual's recommended options selected, and have not changed them.  It has worked perfectly until this newest version.  


I think I have either version 1.0 or 1.01 saved somewhere, so I'm going to try reinstalling that.  Is there a way to download 1.02, or any previous versions?  I know 1.02 worked well, but I don't think that's the one I have.  

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Unfortunately there's no way to downgrade via the app store. If you send me an e-mail or private message I can send you an older version, and ideally we can work together to solve the problem properly in 1.0.3.

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I've located a copy of 1.0.2 I had on another Mac; I've reinstalled it in place of 1.0.3 and all of the above quirks have vanished.  For now, I will keep this version; great sound, and absolutely no problems with playback.

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BitPerfect no longer launches the new version of iTunes 10.6.3 just released. Haven't noticed any other issues yet.

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I figure this is a good of a place as any to post this question!


I use a Macbook Pro + Halide Bridge Converter (BNC version w/ coaxial adapter) + a Parasound D/AC 1600HD and lately I've been having dropouts listening to some of my FLAC files. 


When I say dropouts one of two things is occuring: 


1) The DAC literally wigs out and starts flashing lights like crazy requiring a unplugging of the Halide Bridge to rectify itself.  I believe I see this behavior typically when trying to play hi-res 24-bit 192khz files (please keep reading though).

2) The dac for a split second stops playing and physically clicks and then resumes playing (DAC clicks whenever it's locked onto a source).


When I say some of my FLAC files I may or may not have made the FLAC files myself... but most of my FLAC files play fine. It's a select few that seem to dropout.  It seems to be some of the "modern" stuff; Armin Van Buuren ASOT 2012, Justice - Audio Video Disco, Radiohead - King of Limbs (16-bit) to name a few recent examples.


Additional info:


-The DAC is 20-bit 48khz max.  Yes you read that right it does not do even 24-bit or 96khz which even el-cheapo DACs can handle!  I guess with a vintage DAC like this you can't have your r2r cake and eat it too.


-I am 99% certain the FLAC files I am listening to are not 24-bit or 96khz+.  The CD's they come from *should* be standard 16-bit 44khz.


-Since I don't look at the DAC whilst listening there is a smidgen of a chance this has been going on a while and actually I just never noticed it before.  AKA some tranceno uses weird sound effects that could resemble a stop in music playback and I thought nothing of it at the time.  More testing needed I guess.


-I've re-produced this effect in both Foobar (Win7) and Audirvana Free (OSX) with the same music files.  I use pretty much stock configs.


-IIRC in both Windows + OSX it sees the bridge as my playback device.  The options of bit-depth are greyed out/locked.  I should re-verify however I am laptopless atm.


-Said FLAC files admittedly were not encoded by my hand however if I re-encode the files to mp3 they seem to play fine.


Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome!

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Why not convert them to WAV then back to FLAC? You won't lose any data as you'll be going form an uncompressed lossless format to a compressed lossless format.

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I can give that a try.  Once my Fiance lets my laptop back into my hands LOL.

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Is anyone else having problems with iTunes pausing playback ~4 seconds before a song ends? I'll have a playlist going and eventually it will just stop near the end of the song and won't play anymore until I manually click next song :(

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Originally Posted by Kayk View Post

Is anyone else having problems with iTunes pausing playback ~4 seconds before a song ends? I'll have a playlist going and eventually it will just stop near the end of the song and won't play anymore until I manually click next song :(

Can you send me your Console log (PM or e-mail me) and I'll look into it.

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I was having that problem with 1.0.3, except after the pause 3-4 seconds before the end of the track, it would jump to the next one.  I went back to 1.0.2 and the problem went away.

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Generally have not had any problems over the last couple updates.


However, I have just recently experienced a new hiccup. But I can't tell you whether it was there before and never noticed or if it's new.


The issue is that I like to leave Itunes playing in random over my entire collection or sometimes I just let it play in order. But the list is sorted by date added and each album may have had the songs uploaded out of order when imported (my cd drive is kaput so I use another laptop with a dead screen to do my ripping and bring over on a flash drive). When  listening in either of these scenarios I get about a second or two of the next song in what would be the track order before it jumps to the song that's really supposed to be played.


So like if I am playing the 3rd song on an album and my list is sorted in order of added  (5,8,3,1,2,6,7,4,9...)  at the end of track 3 I will hear part of track 4 before it jumps to track 1.


This is just slightly annoying and easy to get around by displaying albums in track order or listening from playlists. But as you can guess when you want truly random it is distracting.


Now I really can't tell if this is a recent event after upgrading to 1.0.3 because iTunes also upgraded (by my command) shortly thereafter. And I never noticed before. I only listen to digital occasionally.


I know I can send the developer my log info, but wanted to see if this is normal in out of order situations before sending the info.


Other than that it has been playing flawlessly.



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Originally Posted by dogwan View Post


So like if I am playing the 3rd song on an album and my list is sorted in order of added  (5,8,3,1,2,6,7,4,9...)  at the end of track 3 I will hear part of track 4 before it jumps to track 1.


I actually get this too! I thought it was an issue with the file itself or the gapless playback timing, but now that you mention it I have the exact same problem sometimes.

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