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The Indie Music Appreciation Thread

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Using the following definition, based on Wikipedia


Indie music originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. Indie rock is extremely diverse, the influences and styles artists has been extremely diverse, including punk. psychedilia, rock and country. Originally used to describe record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock.


Further from Wkipedia is Allmusic's description of indie;


Allmusic identifies indie rock as including a number of styles that are: "too sensitive and melancholy; too soft and delicate; too dreamy and hypnotic; too personal and intimately revealing in its lyrics; too low-fidelity and low-budget in its production; too angular in its melodies and riffs; too raw, skronky and abrasive, too oblique and fractured in its song structures; too influenced by experimental or otherwise unpopular musical styles.


For myself I would describe indie music is post rock with lyrics with a strong crossover with modern progressive rock, where you take the standard rock instruments, but do not use them to make the usual song structures associated with rock.


To start off I would recommend two obscure bands, from Northern Ireland Mojo Fury who I saw for the second time last night supporting ASIWYFA, the previous time was supporting Oceansize and also try Clownparlour the more experimental side of that band. Then from Philadelphia Ape School who are bravely experiemental whilst still making great catchy music.


My overall favourite indie bands would be Broken Social Scene, Elbow, Gomez, Kings Of Leon and Shearwater.


Indie has produced some of the most interesting and diverse music out there and so is worthy of promoton and appreciation.



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I love indie-folk, though, to be honest, I don't really know what indie-folk really is but the describers from above:  too personal and intimately revealing in its lyrics, and too sensitive and melancholy is what I like about my indie music.


Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons are two artists that I immensely enjoy.

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This is an excelent resource for finding and listening to indie music


Indie Rock Cafe


Presently listening to The Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene



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Folk influenced, mellow, atmospheric



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The definition of Indie Music is very simple. It's music released on an independent label.

As such Kings of Leon is not indie. (RCA)


I thought the most reasonable way to start this would be with the beginning, and as a representative of this I choose Beat Happening:


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Great source for indie music there.

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I agree that The Kings of Leon are maybe a bit too mainstream to be considered indie now, though having success and bein signed to a major label and having to 'leave the genre' seems a bit harsh.


Swell, from San Francisco.



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Kings of Leon have never been on an independent label.


My point is that Indie Music should be non-conformist, which is really difficult if you're signed on a big label that forces you to play by their rules.

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I stand corrected, but I still think that in style The Kings Of Leon are indie or at least alt rock. Hopefully this thread will find less well known bands to try.


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What a mess. I hope I fixed it now.

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The National. Atmospheric and uplifting.



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Yes! This album, Alligator and Boxer are all must-haves in my book. 

Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man View Post

The National. Atmospheric and uplifting.




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I have worked my way through their albums on Spotify and what a joy it is to discover a band who you had not heard of and really enjoy. Now on my indie playlist are


All The Wine, Fake Empire, Start a War, Sorrow, Afraid of Everyone and top track, Bloodbuzz Ohio.

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More rock based, Goldrush and their 2004 album Ozona, named after a Texan town they got stuck in.



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I wanted to show some love to one of my favorite indie bands: Belle and Sebastian. 


Witty, melancholy and humorous lyrics showcased by delicately crafted melodies, there's a certain timelessness to their sound that's hard to come by. For the uninitiated, these two albums should give an idea of the range of their sound. If You're Feelings Sinister is bare, folksy and whimsical while The Life Pursuit is more robustly produced pop goodness. Both are essential listening, in my opinion. 



If You're Feeling Sinister.jpg


Life Pursuit.jpg


If you like these two, check out Boy With The Arab Strap, Dear Catastrophe Waitress and Write About Love. 

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